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Ghent Summer Program

About Ghent University

Established in 1817, the highly ranked research-intensive institution is located right in the heart of the city centre and includes a world-renowned law school. Over the years, Ghent has produced some of the best law professionals worldwide and is considered one of Europe’s most prominent law schools.
The city of Ghent, located in the Flemish region, is Belgium’s best-kept secret and one of Europe’s most fascinating tourist destinations. With canal side medieval architecture and a bustling nightlife, the city encapsulates the perfect blend of classic and modern.

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My time at Ghent University was truly unique, and was a great learning experience. The support from the teachers who went was amazing (In particular Eileen Webb), they were a great support system while over in another country, and worked so hard to ensure our experience was a positive one. The subjects that they offered were great, very interesting and different to the regular subjects offered at Law School. What I loved the most about the Ghent program, was that the learning wasn’t just about the units, it was about the culture and experiences that students have in other countries as well. I loved doing the World War tours, the history we learnt of other Belgium cities (when we visited them), the visit to the European Commission in Brussels and the visit to the Australian High Commission in London. It really opened my eyes to the opportunities available to graduates overseas and taught me a great deal about my passion to pursue an international career with my law degree. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for an intensive exchange.

– Ellen Richmond

The Ghent summer law program was an experience of a lifetime – just picture studying at a beautiful campus just a few minutes from Belgium waffles and fries, wine and cheese events, dancing to the Ghent Festival at night and a trip to London – what more could you ask for? In all seriousness though, the units were well structured and delivered, the teachers were understanding and patient and there was a degree of flexibility in the assessment due dates (which were not monstrous). From a career perspective, it’s a great talking point at interviews as participation in an international exchange program shows your ability to adapt to new environments and a global outlook.

– Joycelyn Tang

Travelling to Ghent in 2017 the best decision that I have made during my Law degree at Curtin University. I left Ghent with an amazing group of new friends, lots of exciting new memories, the experience of studying abroad at one of the oldest universities and a new outlook on the international opportunities available to law graduates. I would recommend the program to any law student wishing to travel and study abroad, the program is well organised, exciting, and a wonderful way to experience another culture while completing elective units. Eileen and Marc and all of the organisers of the program were wonderful in supporting us in the lead up to arriving in Ghent and while we were in Ghent. The high-quality preparation of the program, the organised events and the wonderful group of students and teachers made the experience truly memorable.

– Sophie McKay