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Give to Change

No one knows Curtin quite like our staff. By supporting Give to Change, Curtin staff are investing in the strength of the University and its students.

Join our community of change-makers and see first-hand the difference your gift can make.

Please note that Give to Change is our staff giving program. If you are not a staff and would like to donate, find out more here.

We believe people are at their best when they are giving, and this certainly applies to our Curtin colleagues! As a member of our staff giving program, you will be able to help the University achieve change in areas close to your heart.

Why support Give to Change?

  • There are multiple giving opportunities available, so you can decide where to make a difference. 
  • One hundred per cent of your gift will go to the cause you have chosen to support.
  • You’ll become part of a special community of Curtin staff members whose collective support is changing lives.
  • Your gift can be made pre-tax, meaning you receive an immediate tax benefit.

Funds you can support

Any fund listed on the Curtin Friends website can be supported through Give to Change. In addition, current staff members may also choose to support one or more of the following:

The Carrolup Centre for Truth-telling

The Carrolup Centre for Truth-telling

Create a society that values and respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, knowledge and heritage.

Sally Webster Hardship Fund

Sally Webster Hardship Fund

Support students in urgent financial need and enable them to complete their education.

Staff Funded Scholarship

Staff Funded Scholarship

Funded entirely by Curtin staff, these scholarships give a boost to students who might not otherwise be able to access higher education.

Go Global Scholarship

Go Global Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial support to enable Health Sciences students to contribute to communities in partner sites in Cambodia, China, India and Vietnam.

Words from our recipients

Patrick Catambay

Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce
Student Professional Development Grant formerly known as the Give to Change Scholarship

A lot of the time, I feel so out of my depth, but I am motivated to continue to do what I’m doing because I want to learn, grow, and make a meaningful difference for others and create the world I want to live in. Environmental sustainability, technology, and action is an important part of that.

I truly appreciate the support that you have given me, and the support that you have given to the other recipients for ‘Give to Change.’ Thank you for being an important part of our journeys so far.

Read more of Patrick’s story

Cleo Wee

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
Student Professional Development Grant formerly known as the Give to Change Scholarship

The Give to Change Scholarship will also allow me to further develop my clinical skills. It will enable me to network with the top leaders in our field, and hopefully pave the way for future collaborations.

The art of healing is a beautiful yet complex combination of science and humanity and has always fascinated me from a young age.

Read more about Cleo’s story

Aldan Clinch

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science
Curtin Staff Funded Scholarship

This scholarship is going to provide me the financial assistance I need to accomplish my studies and reach my goal of becoming an Environmental Scientist. With the knowledge I learn through my degree, and the knowledge I have of my Aboriginal heritage, I am going to help build a better future for Australia that is ecocultural and environmentally sustainable.

Learn more about Aldan

Annabel Biscotto

Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Arts (International Relations)
Student Professional Development Grant formerly known as the Give to Change Scholarship

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the 2022 Give to Change Scholarship. I chose International Relations because of my love for the Italian culture, but Law intrigued me as I am passionate about giving back to the community. I have worked for the Department of Justice and have seen first-hand those that come through our justice system and developed a greater appreciation for the support these people require.

Learn more about Annabel

Jessie Carter

Master of Clinical Psychology
Student Professional Development Grant formerly known as the Give to Change Scholarship

When I finally was able to apply for the Master of Professional Psychology in 2021, I had some trepidation about how I would manage being back at university and unemployed and actually practicing as a psychologist. I was elated to discover that I had an assured place in the Master of Clinical Psychology in 2022 as well as obtaining the Give to Change scholarship. While challenging on multiple fronts, my experience last year cemented for me that, if I have a calling, being a clinical psychologist is it. Thank you for your support as I complete my studies.

Read more about Jessie

Nicole Bushell

Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sport Science)
Student Professional Development Grant formerly known as the Give to Change Scholarship

I now work at the stadium teaching children’s skills and movement patterns required for different sports, and program strength and conditioning classes at Penrose College. I am so very grateful for this opportunity to invest in further professional development. I aspire to continually develop my skill set to ensure meaningful and impactful support to clients, their families, and communities to the best of my abilities as an informed Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

Learn more about Nicole

Courtney Hitchcock

Master of Psychology (Professional)
Student Professional Development Grant formerly known as the Give to Change Scholarship

I am currently a student member of the Australia Psychological Association, which often promotes opportunities for psychologists to attend career development courses to allow us to upskill our competencies beyond what university studies can offer. I plan on using the funds from this scholarship to participate in various of these courses, which will allow me to develop my skills as a competent psychologist for when I graduate and to network and meet some incredible people in my field.

Learn more about Courtney

Emma Dennis

Bachelor of Arts
Curtin Staff Funded Scholarship

Thank you for your support – it is invaluable in assisting me to complete my final year of my undergraduate degree. I confident that I will ensure this learning goes back into assisting my community in positive growth and outcomes, both as a volunteer and in my workplace.

Learn more about Emma

Rebecca Griffin

Master of Clinical Physiotherapy
Student Professional Development Grant formerly known as the Give to Change Scholarship

As part of the master’s program, I am involved in a research program which is investigating the gaps in pessary management in Australia and the possible lack of resources in rural/ regional areas. I hope these findings will be the catalyst for directing future research into the pelvic health field.

Thank you for your support. It is truly helping me provide a quality pelvic health service to those living in rural and remote regions.

Read more of Rebecca’s story

Give to Change artwork

This artwork was created to celebrate and thank our staff donor community for all that they make possible. It was designed by Kariyarra and Nyikina woman, and Curtin graduate and former staff member, Rickiesha Deegan. It signifies the act of giving – how the small impact of a single action can create ripples in the lives of others and their communities.

Lanyards with this artwork are available to all staff donors. Please contact us on +61 8 9266 4862 or via for more information.