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Western Australia East Java University Consortium (WAEJUC)

Program details

What: WAEJUC 2024 will address several goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the area of economics, social and environmental issues such as education, poverty, gender equality, climate change, water conservation, and sustainable cities and communities. Addressing these topics will create public awareness and understanding of critical global issues and inspire individuals to take steps and collaborate for sustainable practices at various levels of society. Through a series of engaging sessions, discussions, practical activities, and site visits, participants will gain insights into the key principles, challenges, and strategies associated with each goal.

Dates: 2 – 17 July 2024

Cost: $2000 AUD per student for students with NCP grant (NCP grant is valued at $2500). Eligibility will be checked upon application.

$1500 AUD for students not eligible for NCP (East Java Universities will provide a $500 subsidy to assist non-funded students).

Location: East Java, Indonesia

Applications close: March 20 2024

Credits: Students can use their elective or optional spaces to earn 25 credits towards their degree

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