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Alerts and reminders

Both alerts and reminders appear on the Welcome tab and are automatically triggered and personalised based on your enrolment. You will never receive an alert or reminder that’s not relevant to you. Alerts are for serious issues that require your action – such as paying your tuition fees or notification of sanctions. Reminders are still personalised, but don’t necessarily require your action.

Reminders include notification of the key administration dates and results release. Unlike an alert, a reminder can be closed. An alert will remain on your OASIS screen until action is taken, when it will then be automatically removed. Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours for the alert to go away.

What kind of alerts are there?

What if I don’t understand my alert?

Each alert will give some idea of what you need to do or who you should contact for more information. If ever you need help or more information, contact Curtin Connect.