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Financial assistance

If you are a domestic student, you may be eligible for a range of subsidies, loans and scholarships provided by the Australian Government and Curtin University.


HECS-HELP is a government loan that allows you to defer payment of the required student contribution for your tuition fees. The loan does not cover costs like accommodation, laptops or textbooks and repayment is made once your salary meets or exceeds the minimum threshold.

HECS-HELP is available for all undergraduate courses and a select number of postgraduate courses. You must be enrolled in a Commonwealth support place, meet the citizen and residency requirements and have a tax file number.

To apply you will need to submit a HECS-HELP eCAF as part of your course acceptance process.


FEE-HELP is a loan available to eligible domestic students enrolled in a fee-paying place. that are not subsidised by the Government and tuition fees are set by the approved providers.

FEE-HELP is available for postgraduate courses and select enabling and bridging courses. You must be enrolled at Curtin University, meet the citizen and residency requirements and have a tax file number.

To apply, you will need to submit a FEE-HELP eCaf as part of your course acceptance process.


SA‑HELP is a loan that helps students pay for all or part of their student services and amenities fee (SSAF).

Are enrolled in a higher education course at Curtin University, meet the citizen and residency requirements and have a tax file number.

Submit a Request for SA-HELP eCaf via OASIS.


OS-HELP is a loan for students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place who want to study part of their course overseas.

Curtin University will assess your eligibility for a HELP loan against the OS-HELP criteria. If you have any questions, please contact Curtin University.

To get an OS-HELP loan, you will need a tax file number and an OS-HELP debt confirmation form, which Curtin University will give you.

Allowances through Centrelink

  • Youth and Student Allowance (if you’re 24 or younger)
  • Abstudy (if you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian)
  • Austudy (if you’re 25 or older)
  • Rent Assistance
  • Health Care Card
  • You must be an Australian resident and studying full-time.


A scholarship is a sum of money or other financial assistance given to you to help support your study.

Scholarships have different eligibility criteria, application procedures and closing dates, so check these early on in your application process.

Scholarship money is given to you provided you fulfil key requirements, such as academic performance, work experience or volunteer commitments.


A sponsorship is where a department, body or organisation (for example, your employer) has formally agreed to pay your tuition fees. They may pay for the full duration of your studies or for an agreed period of time.

To become a sponsored student at Curtin, you must be selected by your employer or another department or organisation and be granted a fee-paying scholarship based on specific criteria.