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Centrally scheduling your assessments and exams

Centrally scheduled assessment and exams are held during the examination period and these will be managed by the Progression, Assessment and Awards team.  All other assessments and exams are school scheduled and will be managed by the relevant school. 

Many assessments and exams will be centrally scheduled during the formal examination period.

  • Six weeks prior to the examination period a draft timetable will be published
  • You will have one week to provide feedback to your schools or faculty about the timetable
  • Four weeks prior to the examination period a final timetable will be published
  • Two weeks prior to the examination period your examination venue will be published (if you have a face to face exam).

The assessments and exams may be scheduled on any day or evening during the centrally scheduled period, with the exception of Sundays. Students will make themselves available for scheduled examinations.


Exceptions may apply where alternative arrangements have been made under the following processes.