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Using student email and Official Communication Channel (OCC)

Student email

When you are admitted to the university, you will be allocated a student email address. Your student email account (e.g. is for your own private use and must not be confused with the Official Communications Channel (see below).

Your student email account is accessible via the My Email link on the welcome page in OASIS.

As all students at Curtin have a student email address, you will find it easier to stay in touch with your study groups, teaching staff, and other University contacts using your Curtin student email account. Your tutors and lecturers may also email class information, course details, or other information related to your studies at Curtin to your student email account, so be sure to check the service regularly.

Additional information about email quota and functionality is available via the student email help pages.

Official Communication Channel (OCC)

Curtin uses an Official Communication Channel (OCC) within OASIS that is separate from your student email. It is a separate electronic message system designed to replace official letters traditionally sent by post to students. It is your responsibility to check OCC messages at least once a week.

Additional information regarding the OCC is available via the OASIS help pages about navigating OASIS.