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Auto-forward your emails to an external email address

The Student Email system has a ‘store and forward’ facility for students wishing to automatically forward mail from Student Email to an external email address.

If auto-forwarding is set up, email received in your Student Email inbox will be copied to the external email address you have provided. Messages will not be deleted from your Student Email inbox, and you will still need to regularly log in to Student Email to delete unwanted messages and ensure you are not approaching your mailbox size limit.

Before setting up auto-forwarding, please be aware of the following

  1. If your Student Email mailbox size limit (quota) is exceeded, messages will no longer be delivered to your Student Email address or forwarded to your external email address.

  2. If you exceed the mailbox size limit (quota) on your external email system, the Student Email system may not be able to deliver messages to your external address.

  3. Student Email has no message size restrictions. If your external email system has message size restrictions, large messages forwarded from Student Email may not be able to be delivered to your external address.

  4. If you provide an incorrect forwarding address, messages will not be delivered to your external email address. It is possible that your email messages will be sent to another person’s inbox. Double-check that you do not make typing errors when setting up email forwarding.

The following steps show how to set up auto-forwarding

  1. After you sign in to your email, click Options, then click See All Options.
  2. On the My Account tab, under Shortcuts to other things you can do, click Forward your email.
  3. On the Connected Accounts tab, under Forwarding, click in the text box and enter the address you want your mail sent to.
  4. Click Start Forwarding to save your changes. You can then remove this by clicking Stop Forwarding.
  5. Click Save and close the window.

It is good practice to check that forwarding is working correctly by sending a test email to your Student Email address.

Curtin will not guarantee delivery to forwarding addresses and will not monitor and/or manage undeliverable messages.