Curtin Venture Studio

Developing the next generation of demand driven, research backed companies by opening access to Curtin University’s cutting-edge research, infrastructure, and highly skilled workforce.

The $18.6m Curtin Venture Studio is the first venture studio developed by an Australian university, an initiative that will provide researchers and founders with access to capital, talent, market expertise, capability building, mentorship, as well as infrastructure and equipment, to fast track the building of ‘protoventures’, successful enterprises based on demand driven research.

The initiative has been developed with critical support from the Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer funded by the Department of Education’s Trailblazer Universities Program. As a result of this, the venture studio will initially focus on supporting the development of innovative products and services that can support resources sector productivity and critical minerals production and processing, incorporating other industries once the model has been proven successful.

Specifically, the Curtin Venture Studio will enable access to:

How Does It Work

A protoventure is a pre-company structure designed to transition a research team from building a technically focused research project to developing a beta version of a product or service. Protoventures mature to become full ventures once their product or service is validated through material sales and/or independent commercial investment.

Venture Scouts are engaged to identify and support the onboarding of new protoventures, working with the research teams to accurately assess their potential to transition to a full venture. 

Venture Builders are then provided to the team to provide specific business expertise and advice on product development, regulatory frameworks, IP, finance, marketing, and strategy to support the teams transition to full venture formation.

Finally, once a protoventure’s potential and transition to full venture has been established, members of the Curtin C-Suite, a pool of talented senior executives, are embedded within the protoventures as it becomes established as a full venture and enters the market.

Our Protoventures

Several Curtin research teams have been identified to pilot the Venture Studio model. Read more about each of the teams and the innovative productions and solutions they are developing into successful ventures with support of the Venture Studio below.

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