UGC Statement

1. What is User Generated Content?

In this document User Generated Content (UGC) means any text, audio, image and/or video submitted by an individual to any Curtin digital platform, sub-domain, website or social media account.

It may include:

2. Your responsibility when submitting UGC

Curtin does not accept responsibility for UGC on its social media accounts or websites.  UGC on Curtin’s social media accounts is not representative of the opinions of Curtin and Curtin does not confirm its accuracy.

You are responsible for your own UGC.  By submitting UGC you:

3. Contravening UGC

You must not submit UGC that Curtin determines, in its absolute discretion, is contravening UGC.  Contravening UGC is UGC that Curtin determines is inappropriate, and includes UGC that:

Curtin may delete contravening UGC or block users who submit contravening UGC without notice.

4. How Curtin uses UGC

Curtin recognises that its right to use UGC will be limited.  Curtin does not claim any ownership rights to UGC.  

If Curtin wishes to share, repost, use, publicly display, reproduce, modify and/or translate your UGC, Curtin will contact you to obtain your written permission.

Unless otherwise specified, your permission grants Curtin, by virtue of and subject to the relevant platform terms of use, a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, revocable, non-transferable, perpetual sub-licence to use your UGC in the ways mentioned above.  You retain ownership of all intellectual property rights in your content, and the right to use your content for your own purposes or let others use your content for their purposes, unless you explicitly grant exclusivity to Curtin.

No royalties or other remuneration will be paid or payable to you for your UGC, or for the granting of the rights described above, unless otherwise agreed.  You will be credited for your content that Curtin shares on its official social media accounts, unless otherwise specified in an agreement.    

You may opt out of any agreement with Curtin about the use of your UGC at any time.