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Students with children

If you’re a student with children, you can bring your kids to campus as long as you follow our Children on Campus Procedures.

Be aware that our lecturers and supervisors have the responsibility to ask parents or guardians to remove children if they are not behaving responsibly and safely on campus, are disrupting normal study and work practices, or in the event that safety and health standards would be compromised, such as room capacity being exceeded.

Parenting rooms and facilities

Curtin Perth's nursing room. A large, empty, chair is placed on the right, next to a mirror. A microwave is placed on top of a table. Another small chair is tucked under the table.  The microwave and small chair is situated on the left.

If you’re looking for a place on campus to breastfeed, express milk, change babies and children, we have a number of options.

Childcare on campus

The Curtin Perth campus has a childcare centre which caters for children who are five years old and younger.

School holiday program

The Carnaby Kids School Holiday Sports Program at Curtin Stadium on the Perth campus features fun, high-energy activities for kids who are 5 to 13 years old.