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StepUp to Curtin

Not everyone has the same opportunities to achieve their academic potential – that’s where StepUp to Curtin can help. 

StepUp to Curtin is only available to domestic students. If you’re an international student, please view pathways available to you.

What is StepUp to Curtin? 

StepUp is Curtin’s ATAR adjustment scheme that provides a boost to your ATAR selection rank if you meet certain criteria based on socio-economic factors. 

If your ATAR is between 60 and 69.95, and you’re eligible for StepUp, your ATAR will be adjusted to 70. You’ll still need to have completed any prerequisite subjects that apply to your preferred course. 

If your ATAR is 70 or above, and you’re eligible for StepUp, you will receive five additional points, up to 99.95. 

Who’s eligible for StepUp? 

You’re eligible for StepUp if you’re a domestic applicant, you’ve met Curtin’s English requirement and you meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  1. You’re an Indigenous Australian; or 
  1. You’ve faced financial hardship; or 
  1. You completed year 12 at an eligible school: 

Eligible schools include those with an average value of 1,025 or lower in the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA); those located within a designated regional or remote area; and those with low tertiary entrance participation rates. These schools change from year to year.

Please note: if you are repeating subjects in Year 12, your StepUp eligibility will be assessed using the school where you first attended Year 12 and achieved WACE or where you completed the majority of ATAR subjects within the same year.

How to apply 

Whether you’re applying via TISC or directly to Curtin, you will be automatically assessed for StepUp to Curtin and advised of your eligibility, except if you wish to apply on the basis of financial hardship

Applying on the basis of financial hardship 

Applications on the basis of financial hardship must be made via the online application form. TISC applicants must wait until they have received their Universities Admission Advice Letter in December. 

You will receive a notification of the outcome of your application via email once your application has been processed.