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The Future Of

Brain Trauma and Sports | Dr Sarah Hellewell

The Future Of, Ep 115 | 25:14

Within our sporting codes, there's a hidden player on the field: brain trauma. How are subtle hits changing athletes' brains long-term?

Early Childhood Education and Technology | Emma Cross

The Future Of, Ep 114 | 36:53

As digital technology rapidly develops, how can children grow, connect and learn safely?

Voice To Parliament | Cheryl Kickett - Tucker

The Future Of, Ep 113 | 36:14

Is this Australia's pivotal moment? Join us as we discuss the upcoming referendum on an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

Cyber Warfare | Dr Nickson M. Karie

The Future Of, Ep 112 | 27:26

In the face of cyber threats, how do nations & organisations safeguard personal data & secure the digital systems we rely on?

Legalising Cannabis (Re-Release) | Prof Simon Lenton

The Future Of, Ep 111 | 25:28

Could Australia legalise recreational cannabis use while avoiding the same profit-driven pitfalls that have occurred with tobacco and alcohol?

Jobs for Humans (Re-Release) | Prof Mark Griffin

The Future Of, Ep 110 | 21:21

Digital disruption, AI, automation and changing views about work-life balance are going to transform our workplaces. A Deloitte Access Economics report forecasts that four out of five jobs created between now and 2030 will be for ‘knowledge workers’.

Housing Affordability | Dr Adam Crowe and Ryan Brierty

The Future Of, Ep 109 | 39:5

With rising interest rates, dwindling housing supply and a rental market in crisis, what is happening to Australian housing affordability, and is there any relief in sight?

The Manosphere | Dr Ben Rich and Dr Francis Russell

The Future Of, Ep 108 | 42:50

What is ‘the manosphere’, what has it got to do with masculinity, and why are high school teachers concerned by teenage boys’ attraction to it?

TikTok | Prof Crystal Abidin

The Future Of, Ep 107 | 30:31

Whether you love it, hate it, don’t get it or your grandma’s trending on it, TikTok is a cultural phenomenon. But how did it become so popular and should we be worried by its reach?

Mining Culture | Prof Sharon Parker & Dr Patricia Todd

The Future Of, Ep 106 | 29:20

Western Australia's mining sector is the lifeblood of the state, but it's not without scrutiny. Learn how the industry is using research to undergo a cultural revolution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its workers.

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