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Birds eye view of the layers of stairs in the Curtin Medical School building

Learning and study spaces

At Curtin, our learning and study spaces offer the chance to truly immerse yourself in your study experience.

From world-class laboratories and creative spaces, to simulation facilities that allow you to put theory into practice, and even quiet spaces to help you escape the hustle and bustle of campus.

Simulated learning

Simulated health environments

Simulated health environments

Our simulated health environments provide authentic learning spaces for students across a range of health disciplines, including nursing, occupational therapy, social work and pharmacy.

Student using social media monitoring software

Real-world social media tracking

Experience first-hand how brands monitor their online presence using social media analytics. It gives business students and professionals the opportunity to track online trends in real time and carry out social media marketing analytics for actual events and campaigns in a technology-rich environment.

Student looking at stock exchange

Simulating Wall Street

Finance and business students gain hands-on experience with Refinitiv Eikon trading and analysis software, the tools used by professional stock traders, and get familiar with trading and investing using the stock market simulation tool StockTrack.

Immersive learning

Curtin HIVE

The Curtin HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) not only serves the growing demands of researchers and industry for visualisation, virtualisation and simulation capabilities, it also provides a space for Curtin undergraduate students to immerse themselves in learning using visualisations and virtual reality technology.



Featuring a 12-inch Meade Refractor telescope with automatic tracking capabilities for long exposures.

Curtin Engineering Pavilion

Curtin Engineering Pavilion

Featuring communal exhibition and interactive learning spaces, the innovative design and technologies in the spacious Curtin Engineering Pavilion Complex provide hands-on learning tools for engineering students.

Law School, Jeannette Hackett Moot court

Jeanette Hacket Moot Court

The Curtin Law School is home to the high-tech Jeanette Hacket Moot Court, where students participate in simulated court proceedings helping them improve their skills in public speaking and debating, while learning how a real court operates.

Creative spaces

Building 202 Design and Art Precinct

Design and Art Precinct

The Design and Art Precinct, comprising buildings 202, 203 and 212, is home to studios, workshops and computer labs for disciplines including animation and games, creative advertising and graphic design, digital design, fashion, fine art and visual culture. Its recent relife means you have access to fresh and modern spaces, labs and facilities to complement your studies and creativity. 

Female media student in Curtin's media production studios talking to a camera

Media Production Studio

This interactive media facility features HD and 4K-compatible technology, and industry-standard digital systems for recording and post-production editing and sound mixing.

Fashion student working on a garment

Fashion studios

These spaces allow for creative exploration of textile manipulation, garment design and construction. The studios are fully equipped with industrial machines for construction and equipment to support specialist investigation into areas such as digital machine embroidery and digital pattern making and grading.

Curtin campus life

Whether you’re looking for a place to concentrate and escape the hustle and bustle of campus, or you want to experience the community of Curtin campus, you’re sure to find a space that suits.

Curtin campus amenities and resources

From food vans and retail stores, to student accommodation and health and wellness facilities, become part of a vibrant, inclusive campus that helps you make the most of your Curtin experience.

TL Robertson Library

TL Robertson Library reopened Semester 1 of 2023. Enjoy six floors of new study spaces, purpose-built ‘Makerspace’ with regular relaxing and skill-building activities, kitchen and cafe, Reading Room, collaborative spaces and more.