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Culture, society and Indigenous

Launch your career with a mentally challenging course that takes debate and critical thinking to a new level.

Learn the dynamics of different societies and cultures, study the written word and its applications and explore and discuss contemporary issues in today’s society. You’ll gain a range of skills that you can apply to different careers and may tailor your studies to suit your interests.

Why study culture, society and Indigenous knowledge at Curtin?

Did you know?

Curtin was the first Australian teaching and research institution to develop and implement a Reconciliation Action Plan.

A culturally supportive environment

Many Curtin programs cater solely to Indigenous Australians, making the University a supportive, culturally appropriate environment in which to learn.

Learn a second language

Depending on your course, you may be able to take a language as one of your electives.

#1 graduates in Australia

For the fifth year in a row, Curtin has outranked all other WA public universities for undergraduate outcomes in full-time employment, starting salary and staff qualification.

Discover our undergraduate courses

Discover our undergraduate courses

Bachelor Degrees:


Build your ability for a global career with an understanding of different societies and cultures and the skills to improve equality and accessibility.

Explore double degrees

Some of our degrees can be paired with another degree to broaden your knowledge.

Enabling Course

The Indigenous Tertiary Enabling Course is designed to fast track First nations students with a secondary education and/or relevant TAFE qualification into undergraduate study. 

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Bachelor of Arts (Korean Studies)

Korean is the fastest-growing language among non-native speakers, and with the global popularity of K-pop and K-dramas, the interest in Korean culture is no surprise. In this major you’ll explore Korean society, culture, history, politics and international relations and gain strong competency in the Korean language.

Psychology and Human Resource Management

Psychology and Human Resource Management

Use your knowledge in psychology to help resolve issues in the workplace, recruit and engage employees and improve individual and team performance.

Indigenous Australian Research

Indigenous Australian Research

The Indigenous Australian Research honours course at Curtin University provides specialised training for graduates in research in Indigenous Australian contexts.

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Security and strategic studies explained

Have you always been curious about how countries, organisations and communities protect themselves from cyber, terrorist or military attacks, or deal with challenges such as climate change or pandemics? If so, you might like to consider a career in security and strategic relations.

Hear from our graduates

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I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the classes and the opportunities to study from real-life sources of Japanese in a creative way. The opportunity to go on an exchange and participate in the Kobe University Summer Program were defining parts of my study experience at Curtin.

Helen Stewart

Want to make a difference in your community?

Get the skills you need at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University.

We offer undergraduate courses in Indigenous mental health and community development and provide a supportive learning environment designed to work around your life.

Centre for Aboriginal studies
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