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If you’re unable to regularly access OASIS due to a medical condition, disability, or some other compelling reason, you can apply for an exemption from using OASIS. Should an application for eExemption be approved, all Official University Communications will be sent to your preferred mailing address as recorded in the student database.

Guidelines for applying

  1. Requests for eExemption will be approved only in exceptional circumstances where clear evidence of a genuine inability to access OASIS on at least a weekly basis is provided. Students requesting an eExemption must demonstrate that they are not able to access OASIS due to disability, incapacity, or some other compelling reason. Slow internet connections do not warrant eExemption.

  2. Unless a Curtin counsellor has supported your request, relevant independent supporting documentary evidence, such as a letter from your medical practitioner, employer or counsellor must be submitted with the application form.

  3. It is your responsibility to ensure your eExemption application form has been completed correctly, and that all required supporting evidence is attached. Incomplete requests for eExemption will be returned to you for completion prior to processing.

  4. Once the request has been received, it will be verified and processed within 10 working days.

  5. Written notification will be sent to you with the outcome of your application.

  6. All correspondence relating to your request will be sent to the preferred mailing address as recorded in the student database.

  7. Until the University approves an eExemption, you will continue receiving official communications via OASIS.