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Our Accommodation Coaches can help you explore other options such as renting, house sharing and homestays.

Make the most of your Curtin experience.

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Enrolment advice

Enrolment advice

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Study support

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Q: What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?


“Hanging out with my boys at the mall”

Ruuben, Bachelor of Applied Science

In this mini #ConversationsAtCurtin series, we’re asking students around campus big and small questions to get to know them better. 🌟

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O-Week fit checks 👀

We are thoroughly enjoying the kits on campus to kick off semester 1.

Should we keep fit checks as a running series?
Tell us in the comments below 👇

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Are you looking to try something new and exciting this semester? 🔍

Register to join Curtin Volunteers! in semester 1. Give back to the community, make genuine connections with other students, and explore unique parts of WA. 🌟🌠

Learn more by visiting the link in our bio.

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Are you a first-year Curtin University student? If so, let us introduce you to First Year Rewards! 🌟

First Year Rewards is an initiative that rewards you for making the most out of your university experience.

Participate in a variety of programs and activities to start earning points right away. From joining Curtin Volunteers to reviewing your resume on VMock, attending workshops, and engaging with Student Guild events, there are plenty of ways to earn points and win prizes from $5 Guild vouchers up to a $1000 cash prize!

Make the most of your first year – jump in and start earning those rewards! 🏆

Learn more by visiting the link in our bio.

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Q: What TV show are you watching right now?

“New Amsterdam”

Charmaine, Occupational Therapy Student

In this mini #ConversationsAtCurtin series, we’re asking students around campus big and small questions to get to know them better. 🌟

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You have to know what job you want to do when you start uni… right?

Here’s Steph, a student mentor here to myth-bust your orientation.✨

It’s okay not to have your career path figured out at the start of University. In a world of evolving technology, your perfect job might not even exist.

Focus on your passions, strengths, and continual self-improvement instead!

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Semester 1, O-Week is complete! 🎉

Thank you to all the students who joined us on campus this week! We hope you had a fantastic time enjoying the freebies, participating in activities and entertainment, and making new friends while getting to know the campus.

Now, it’s time for the real adventure to begin as University life begins… 👀

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Discover the inspiring journey of Charlie Guo, who initially visited WA for a holiday, and was ignited with a deep passion for capturing the diverse landscapes. 📸

@charlie.g.documentary story is one of immense dedication, intention and zest. Charlie’s discipline to refining his videography skills has been rewarded today by being recognised and partnered with @natgeo.

Charlie’s journey exemplifies how hard work, perseverance, and passion lead to a fulfilling life’s work. ✨

To see more of Charlie, visit the link in our bio to check out his YouTube channel.

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Navigating Aussie slang can seem like a big hurdle when you first arrive Down Under! 🦘

Lucky for us, our resident Top Aussie Bloke Daniel has chucked a sickie and dropped by Curtin to give Devna the low down on true blue Aussie slang 🇦🇺

Jump to our Curtin Life YouTube Channel and watch the brand new ‘I’m at Curtin Now What!’ episode!

This content has been produced with the support of the Bupa Healthier University Fund

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Harry is back and here to Myth-bust your Orientation!

Let’s talk Curtin University Elevator Passes.. 👀☕

For tomorrow only, get yourself an Elevator Pass at our @explore_curtin and @curtinlifeaustralia stall. Find us at the @curtinguild O-Day, between 11:00 am – 2:30 pm near B102 Curtin Connect!

Besides Elevator Passes, we have a bunch of really incredible merchandise to give away, t-shirts, totes, and water bottles just to name a few. All you have to do tomorrow is:

1. Visit our stall
2. Show us that you follow both @explore_curtin and @curtinlifeaustralia
3. Spin our giveaway merch wheel to see what lucky item you are walking away with.

See you tomorrow!

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Day one, done!

It was wonderful to see so many faces around campus yesterday, especially with the heat 🔥

Today we have another big day ahead. Here are a few things to get excited for:

• Make your own Lego Keyring or Friendship Bracelet
• Friend Speed Dating at the @curtinguild Garden
• Live Music
• Donuts Giveaway at Guild Concept Cafe
+ so much more

We can’t wait to see you.

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Is reviewing your online presence a part of your annual digital clean-up routine? If not, now might be a great time to start! 💻📝

Whether you’re preparing to enter the workforce or building an online portfolio, understanding your digital footprint is crucial for securing your first job.

Take control of your online presence this year, and make sure it aligns with your professional goals. ✨

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Q: Would you rather live in snow or rain for the rest of your life?


Urie, Bachelor of Engineering Student

In this mini #ConversationsAtCurtin series, we’re asking students around campus big and small questions to get to know them better. 🌟

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Are you struggling to keep your digital life in check? Get ahead this year with Kim’s four easy tips:

#1 Organise your desktop 🖥️
#2 Shortcut your favourite sites ↪️
#3 Centralise your tasks to stay on top of them 📓
#4 Tame your inbox ✉️

Decluttering your digital life can give you control over your workflow, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your overall well-being.

Prioritise digital order this year to lock in peace of mind for 2024!

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