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Our Accommodation Coaches can help you explore other options such as renting, house sharing and homestays.

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Access invaluable career resources, get advice on your job applications, and build your skills and connections with help from the Curtin Careers team.

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Curtin Extra

Get official recognition for co-curricular activities.

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Get study and referencing support from the Curtin Library.

Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation

Join the gym, group fitness class or social sport at Curtin Stadium.

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Q: What’s something you’re never going to get over?


“Everything closing at 5pm”

Abel, Mechanical Engineering student

In this mini #ConversationsAtCurtin series, we’re asking students around campus big and small questions to get to know them better. 🌟

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Ever wondered what St. Catherine’s College looks like inside? Now’s your chance to see for yourself! 🌟

In the latest episode of I’m at Curtin, Now What?, join Devna as she shows Celena around her student accommodation! From a movie theatre and music room to a stunning rooftop garden, it’s student living at its best.

Watch the full episode now by clicking the link in our bio and heading to our Curtin Life YouTube channel! 🎥

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Did you know there are several ways you can compete with Curtin Stadium? ⛹️

– Join a sports club – open to everyone, from beginners to elite athletes. It’s a great way to stay active, meet new people, and be part of a team.

– Travel for inter-varsity competitions or compete locally. Challenge yourself and show your Curtin pride!

– Join the Elite Athlete Program supporting over 170 student-athletes annually, including Olympians, Paralympians, Commonwealth Games, professional athletes, World/National Champions and National/State level representatives.

– Participate in the University Basketball League (UBL), showcasing top university talent.

Head to the link in our bio to learn more 🏀

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Can you believe we’re almost at the end of semester!? How’ve you managed the uni, social life, work, and health juggle? It can feel like a never-ending balancing act, right? 🤹

As we’re nearing the year’s halfway mark, it’s probably the perfect time to reassess your study goals. Needing help with a starting point? Tune in as our Conversation at Curtin host, Alexander, talks to your fellow campus peers about their study goals for the year.

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Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?


“An Interior Designer, which is what I am studying now”

Faten, Interior Designer student

In this mini #ConversationsAtCurtin series, we’re asking students around campus big and small questions to get to know them better. 🌟

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Meet Regina, a busy Bachelor of Commerce student at Curtin University, specialising in Event Management and Project Management. Her journey through university has been marked by a series of twists and turns, each contributing to her discovery of her true passions. ✨

Regina’s path to commerce although not straightforward, is a common one. With many talents, passions and a strong set of values, finding a degree that fuels and fulfils her has proven to be a long and windy road.

In school, Regina failed ATAR, just like some of her family members. But, where some of her family took gap years or didn’t return to university, she wanted to try a new path and begin tertiary study immediately. Initially, she was drawn to study her high school passion of performing arts. As a talented musician (who still performs in her band ‘The Zingers’) and the arts captain at her high school, she was sure she wanted to pursue a career in this passion, however rigid commitments required when studying at Arts schools like WAAPA, such as having minimal work commitments and the full-time study load, deterred her. Instead, she found herself choosing to study Commerce at Curtin, because she found it to be a degree where she could start and then figure things out whilst studying.

Even after immersing herself in the degree, and extracurriculars surrounding her commerce major, like being the head of marketing within Curtin Women in Business (WIB) Club, she still couldn’t find her exact passion. Regina has always had a passion for giving back to the community and involving herself in opportunities where she can do this, so she stuck with the WIB club. Whilst marketing for WIB’s events, she realised that there were other aspects of the club that she was far more interested in, such as the event planning side, so she swapped roles from marketing to pitching and managing events. Regina realised she had found her calling, leading her to pursue the Event Management and Project Management major instead. 📋🌟

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“I’m ready to battle for the good destiny of my life”

Meet Nivya, an inspirational Master of Professional Engineering and Metallurgy Student at Curtin Kalgoorlie 🌟

Head to the link in our bio if you interested in learning more about Nivya’s degree in Kalgoorlie.

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The daily dilemma 🫠

What’s the general consensus – how are we holding up at this time of the semester?

If week 11 has you feeling overwhelmed and you need someone to talk to, click the link in our bio to reach out to Psychology and Counselling Services. ✨

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Q: What`s an experience everyone should have?


“An existential crisis. It makes you question your perceived truths and beliefs to further find truth and meaning in your life ”

Sally, occupational therapy student

In this mini #ConversationsAtCurtin series, we’re asking students around campus big and small questions to get to know them better. 🌟

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Dear esteemed audience and distinguished guests, do fasten your seat belts for a most delightful season of Food for Thought at Curtin.

Back due to popular demand, Queen Olivia takes the reins as our charming host for season five. ✨

For our inaugural episode, we donned our finest attire, embraced the luxuries of life, and embarked on a quest to uncover the finest High Tea options on campus. Whether you seek a delulu escape from daily life like us or wish to impress your grandmother who has unexpectedly visited you on campus, this episode holds something for everyone. 🫖

Yours Sincerely,
Lady Whist…Curtin Life x

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Are you longing for a taste of home while studying in Australia? 🍜

Join our international student hosts, Devna and Celena, on the Curtin Life YouTube Channel as they explore delicious Filipino and Indonesian cuisines just a stone’s throw from campus.

Head to our YouTube channel now to watch Devna and Celena feel all the feels, whilst trying food that reminds them of home! ✨

Plus in this week’s episode, we are running a giveaway for three lucky winners. You could win a $20 voucher for both restaurants, allowing you to experience these dishes for yourself. Check out all the competition details in the YouTube description box.

Winners will be announced at 10 am, on Friday, May 10.
Terms & Conditions apply.

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Are you looking to stay fit and active this semester? Then why not Train at Curtin Stadium? 💪🏋️‍♀️

Keep active with our free fitness classes. Whether you prefer high-energy cardio or relaxing yoga, the Free Fit timetable has options for you.

Curtin University is a proud partner of Act Belong Commit (ABC) to support student mental well-being. For good mental health, Mentally Healthy WA recommends we:

Act – do something!
Belong – do something with someone.
Commit – do something meaningful. ✨

Head to the link in our bio to find the Free Fit timetable.

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Q: What is your favourite study spot on campus?


“The Library, on Level 6! ”

James, communications student

In this mini #ConversationsAtCurtin series, we’re asking students around campus big and small questions to get to know them better. 🌟

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Meet Arlene, a brilliant actuarial science student ✨

Her enthusiasm and bubbly personality drive her to embrace every challenge and passion project that comes her way. Whether it’s excelling in her degree, exploring new corners of the globe, or taking on leadership roles in clubs, Arlene approaches everything with unwavering commitment.

Last year, Arlene went on a study tour to Thailand through the New Colombo Plan (NCP). Her experience was so impactful that upon her return, she applied for—and was selected as—an ambassador for NCP at Curtin. 🌏 ✈️
Curious about the New Colombo Plan and how it can shape your university experience? Click the link in our bio to learn more.

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Meet Rohan, a nonchalant third-year Medical student, who is intrinsically motivated to make the world a better place. 🧠✨

Rohan has always been a high achiever, in high school, he chose to study demanding subjects such as Math Specialist, Methods, Chemistry, Physics, and English, so medicine felt like the right transition for his next phase of study. Over his life, he has always been deeply interested in science, however, also shared that same interest in human connection, and hoped to create a career for himself one day that combines them both.

Rohan attributes his drive and motivation for study to the satisfaction he feels once an item is ticked off his to-do list. He has not felt external pressure to accomplish or strive for his current academic achievements, but he does so because he finds joy in it, and has been that way since high school. Since arriving at university, Rohan found that the transition to this new type of study posed challenges, while his high school routine included structured study sessions, university life offered him a flexibility that he wasn’t used to. Over the years, Rohan has been refining his approach and has found that each university year requires a shift in managing time, organisation, and academic responsibilities.

In his first year, Rohan focused on finding a balance between relaxation and study, recognising the importance of downtime in maintaining his mental well-being. As he progressed into his second year, he refined his study routine, dedicating specific blocks of time for study and incorporating breaks for meals and relaxation. This incremental adjustment has prepared him for the amplified responsibilities that his third year brings, which he confesses offers him very little breaks and downtime. 🫣

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