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Q: What will you be doing this summer? 💬

"Going back to China to see family!" ✈

Laura, business law and management.

In this mini #ConversationsAtCurtin series, we're asking students around campus big and small questions to get to know them better.

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Drumroll, please! 🥁 The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here… Conversations at Curtin Bloopers!

Sit tight, relax, and let the laughter roll in as we share some behind-the-scenes hilarity.

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Figuring out if we’re ever totally ready is a bit of a mystery, but it’s cool to give preparing your best shot. 💫

Meet Yasmin, a Psychology student at Curtin. She discovered the invaluable support of the Industry Mentoring Program on her academic journey. Click the link in our bio to learn more about the program.

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POV: Anticipation rises refreshing the browser, again and again, waiting for results to drop.

Don’t know how to access your results? Click the link in our bio to find out how.

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Here are a few of our favourite study spots 🤫

Make sure to save this video to lock in productivity and tranquillity in Semester 1 next year. Tell us your favourite study spot on campus below 👇

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Q: What is your post-exam ritual? ✍

"Dinner and drinks with friends! " 🥳

Serena, Master of Teaching.

In this mini #ConversationsAtCurtin series, we're asking students around campus big and small questions to get to know them better.

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Ever pondered the life of a Kalgoorlie Mining Engineering Student? 🛠️

Meet Frank 🏋️ President of the @wasmwombats – a student-run organisation that competes nationally and around the world 🌎

Dive into the Kalgoorlie Campus experience at the link in our bio.

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Dive into an art adventure at Curtin Perth Campus! 🎨

Save this video for the next time you are on campus and join the ultimate art scavenger hunt.

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Q: What is one thing you always carry with you and why? 👜

"Lip balm because we don't like crusty lips ♥ "

Jess, Bachelor of Commerce.

In this mini #ConversationsAtCurtin series, we're asking students around campus big and small questions to get to know them better.

#CurtinLife #CurtinUniversity #CurtinUni #Curtin #CurtinCampus #PerthUni #PerthCampus #UniLife #UniStudent #StudentLife #CampusLife #University #UniversityStudent

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Today’s Food for Thought episode was chosen by you! 🥨

Watch our host @manish_pardeep and wonderful guest @_jasmine.rozario try your favourite flavours from one of the best food outlets at the Curtin Bentley Campus!

A big thank you to everyone who voted in our poll, this delicious episode is dedicated to you. Let us know in the comments below, which flavoured @pretzelaus is your go to?

#FoodForThought #CurtinUni #PerthCampus #UniLife #StudentLife #CampusLife #University

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Ever wondered what it’s like being part of a company’s executive team? 🤔 Meet Jeevan, an Advanced Science student majoring in Data Science. ☄️

This year, Jeevan snagged the top spot in the CEO for a Day competition thanks to @recruitcurtin. Throughout his time at Curtin University, Jeevan has kept his curiosity alive, exploring different areas and gaining industry insight by making the most of every opportunity.

For the CEO for a Day Competition, Jeevan chose to shadow Matt Golds, Chief Operating Officer for The Chamber of Commerce in WA.

Keen to know more about the CEO for a Day opportunity? Check out the link in our bio. 🌐 #CEOforaDay #CareerExploration #curtinuniversity #curtinlife #studentlife

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Have you heard of Curtin University’s Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)? 🔬

The Advanced Science course empowers students to tailor their studies to their specific interests, including advanced-level units relevant to an honours degree.

On 27 October, Curtin’s Advanced Science cohort showcased their end-of-semester projects at the Curtin Medical School. The event featured research on diverse topics, such as molecular genetics, AI-powered data retrieval, and innovative EEG-based dementia diagnosis to name a few. 💥

The Advanced Science Course program uniquely incorporates scientific professional practice, entrepreneurship, and leadership, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for evolving industry landscapes. 💼 🌠

To learn more, click the link in our bio.

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Meet Taryn, a determined individual who has embraced every twist in her journey with a relentless passion for success. ✨ 🏆

Taryn's academic path began with a Bachelor of Science in South Africa, majoring in geology and chemistry. Following seven years in the mining industry, where she delved into data analytics, Taryn yearned for change but was looking for something in particular, a PhD that was tied to industry and which had a heavy data analytics and programming component.

Taryn discovered the PhD opportunity on the closing day of applications, when applying initially doubted her acceptance but decided to actively pursue the dream regardless. To her surprise, she not only secured an interview but also earned a spot in the program.

In her PhD research, Taryn leverages geo-computing to the deconvolution of mineral grain histories, with a specific focus on a particular mineral called zircon. Zircon is useful for geologists because it’s a “geochronometer”, which means the age of the mineral can be determined. The Zircon age can help to understand the age of the rocks that the zircons are in, and when zircon is found in sand, it offers important clues about which rocks the sands were derived from. This information helps build an understanding of the Earth’s crust and how landscapes have changed over time. 🌍 ✍️

Thriving in the intersections of geoscience, mathematics, statistics, and programming, Taryn excels in the uncharted territory of her non-traditional project. Despite encountering challenges and self-doubt, she persists in innovation, seeking solutions and guidance when needed.

Keep reading in the comments..

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Have you experienced the enchantment of this hidden campus secret? ✨

Our very own on campus Harry Potter haven. Make sure to visit this mystical nook the next time you’re near the Vin Davies Building. 🏰⚡

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