$9.3 million worth of scholarships

In 2019, Curtin provided scholarships to over 3,000 domestic students, amounting to approximately $9.3 million.

90 exchange partnerships

Curtin has over 90 exchange partnerships with universities in more than 20 countries.

80+ partner institutions

We have agreements with more than 80 international partner institutions in almost 20 countries including the University of Aberdeen and 16 Cooperative Research Centres (CRC).


50,000+ students

Due to our expansion, we are able to reach and provide an enriching learning experience to over 50,000 students.

3,000 staff

Our university has over 3,000 expert staff which make Curtin what it is today.

Curtin University Statistics

With our network of campuses across the Indian Ocean rim Curtin University teaches over 50,000 students and employs over 3,000 staff each year.