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Find out what’s on at Curtin. There are a wide range of events both on the campus and online, with something for everyone.

Indigenous Cultural Tourism | Robert Taylor, A. Prof Michael Volgger

The Future Of, Ep 95 | 49:45

Learn how the peak body for Aboriginal tourism in WA is leading the way in sharing the cultures and knowledges of First Nations Peoples.

Neuromarketing | Dr Billy Sung

The Future Of, Ep 94 | 25:42

What exactly is ‘neuromarketing’ and how does it help companies hone their product marketing?

E-waste | Dr Elsayed Oraby

The Future Of, Ep 93 | 15:8

Worried about the ever-increasing amount of e-waste going to landfill? Find out how e-waste is being recycled to remove the rare metals that are worth a fortune.

Visual Effects | Dr Stuart Bender, Brendan Seals

The Future Of, Ep 92 | 34:35

As visual effects technologies advance and audience engagement changes, what could movies look like in the future?

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

From mission sites to healing centres

A close partnership between Bringing them home WA, WA Stolen Generations Aboriginal Corporation and Curtin University is transforming former mission…

Data science

Dashboard data to innovate freight

Australian consumers have despaired at the wait for freight and the absence of household goods. Although COVID-related delays were unavoidable,…

Campus and global community

Student leaders gather for historic global Curtin summit

Representatives from the Curtin student community met face-to-face for the first time at the Global Student Leaders Summit held in…


Mining digs into the circular economy

After the Western Australian government announced in June that it would start ‘decarbonising’ the state, the mining industry and science…