Engage with Curtin

Curtin is more than just a university for students.

We are a globally recognised institution offering teaching expertise, innovative research, professional internships and community engagement across the globe.

Collaborate with us

Explore a range of innovative collaborative and partnership opportunities designed to make tomorrow better.

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Industry and learning partnerships

Business, industry, sports, community and research organisations can work with us through a range of strategic and mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities.

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Local and community

Our strength is linked to the strength of our communities and our ability to make tomorrow better. Our mutually beneficial relationships strengthen our community and enhance teaching and learning for our students.

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Schools, teachers and advisors

We engage with schools and learning institutions to provide interactive and personalised learning experiences to school communities.

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Student engagement

At Curtin, we support a range of initiatives in learning and teaching designed to support student engagement.

Global engagement

Global engagement

Curtin is a future-focused university committed to strong global engagement and dialogue, with campuses in 5 countries and over 90 overseas partners.

Entrepreneurs at Curtin

Entrepreneurs at Curtin

Curtin University has developed a pipeline of support to transform ideas into global businesses with a range of programs for entrepreneurs and startup founders.

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Research at Curtin

Our push for innovative solutions to real-world problems is achieved through vital links with our research partners.

Our research partnerships

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