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Research internships

A research internship is where you will work on a paid or unpaid research project with an industry partner.

Research internships are an excellent opportunity to apply your research skills and theory in a practical manner and expand your networks and employability by working on short-term industry research projects.

Finding an internship opportunity

It is important to discuss research internship opportunities with your supervisory team as early as possible and aim to secure an internship with the support of your supervisor and the research end-user (partner organisation) within the first 18 months of your enrolment (or within 36 months if you are part-time).

Some of the ways you can find an internship opportunity include:

  • Self sourced: Your supervisors may have ideas on a suitable industry partner to work with that may complement your research. Alternatively, once you have obtained supervisory support, you can contact an organisation directly and follow our step-by-step guide [208kB].
  • Industry PhD programs: If you are undertaking an CSIRO Industry PhD, National Industry PhD program or an industry sponsored doctoral degree with a valid research end-user, you may be eligible to claim an internship incentive. If you are unsure, email a copy of your agreement to
  • Service providers Curtin University works with APR Intern, Biodesign Australia, and Innovation Central Perth (ICP), as these organisations match doctoral students with industry partners to work on paid research projects.

APR Intern

Australian Postgraduate Research Intern (APR.Intern) is Australia’s only national PhD internship program spanning all sectors and disciplines.

PhD students can apply for internships with industry partners, for between 3-6 months duration.

Biodesign Australia (iPrep)

Biodesign Australia (iPrep) is an industry and PhD Research Engagement Program that provides PhD students the opportunity to gain industry experience while using skills gained in their PhD to solve an industry problem. The program provides you with new opportunities to network, build professional networks and enhance employability skills.

3 month placements available for Curtin students.

Innovation Central Perth (ICP)

ICP is an industry and science collaboration centre located at Curtin University, with the vision of advancing digital transformation through an open innovation ecosystem. The program connects students to real-world industry projects, supporting them where needed by academic supervisors and industry experts.

How to claim an internship incentive

A research doctorate student who is completing a Doctoral Degree (Research) or Doctoral Degree (Professional) qualification may be eligible to claim up to $4,000 for undertaking an eligible internship.

To claim the internship incentive, your industry-based research project must meet the following criteria:

  • The internship must be a minimum of 3 calendar months in duration, and at least 60 full-time equivalent (FTE) days of engagement;
  • The project must be related to your area of research and comprise of research and development activities;
  • An eligible research end-user (external to academia); and
  • A signed internship agreement within the first 18 months of course commencement (or 36 months for a part-time student).

You can undertake your 60 day industry internship at any point throughout your degree, but you must satisfy all requirements before you complete your course.

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