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WA Country Health Service and Curtin University Research & Innovation Alliance

Achieving global leadership in country health research innovation and workforce development.

The WACHS and Curtin University’s Alliance is leading research innovation and workforce development that supports and nurtures healthy communities across WA Country Health Services.

Our mission is to improve the health, wellness and experience of rural, remote and regional communities through collaborative partnerships that translate new innovations and knowledge into practice.

Our focus is on strengthening six priority areas of activity across research and workforce innovation.

These include:


The Alliance integrates new and innovative research and education into the health services in rural and remote regions by collaboration between key institutions. The Alliance externally leverages funding to translate research into practice and implement new innovations that impact rural and remote health services as well as all health systems.

Our focus is on the communities and collaboration that underpins our principles and values and drives our commitment to excellence in country health services.


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Creating proactive WACHS industry driven projects using leveraged funding for applied translational research. Offering global leader in rural and remote health with relevant awards and scholarships.

Medical workers inside the Kalgoorlie Rural Health Campus


Training and development of staff with industry led curricula in internal workshops, short courses, and post-graduate offering. Currently offering scholarships and fellowships for further study and potentially international exchange.

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Ideation and Commercialisation

We support idea generation and validation of innovative thinking in underserved regional and remote areas. Creation of policy, process, and regulation with partnership facilitation and business development that offers high quality solution development.

Our People

Our team includes:

Curtin University

Tim Carey
Chair, Country Health Research & Innovation


Anita John
Research and Innovation Director

Alliance Support

Giselle O’Connor
Curtin–WACHS Senior Research Officer

Kaylie Toll
Curtin–WACHS Senior Research Officer