We conduct research aimed at finding solutions to local, national and global problems. Excellence in academic research is of key importance to us, we strive to be translators – making sure practitioners can use and benefit from our work.

Message from the Dean

Min Teah

Researchers in the Faculty of Business and Law combine research excellence with our ability to work with government and industry to solve real world problems. Research in the Faculty of Business and Law is very applied and seeks to make an impact on individuals, organisations and communities, improving people’s lives and businesses.

Associate Professor Min Teah

Dean, Research, Faculty of Business and Law

Key Research Themes

All research programs within the Faculty of Business and Law are underpinned by ethics, responsibility and sustainability, and align to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Healthy people and economies

These research projects support labour economics, health economics, the future of work, decent work and transformative work design, worker safety, sustainable career development, leadership and management sciences, strategic project management, resilient workplace cultures, mental health and wellbeing, healthy eating and food consumption.

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Digital and technological transformation

These research projects support Artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, fintech, regtech, open knowledge and intellectual property, robots and the workforce, human-machine interactions; application and use of new technologies; technology ethics and legal issues, social media analytics, digital marketing. Find out more

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Sustainable and resilient communities

These research projects support climate action, climate finance, climate change adaptation and mitigation, energy transition, social and environmental accounting, corporate social responsibility, housing affordability, green and sustainable supply chains and transportation, inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainable tourism, education in regional and remote communities, developmental economics.

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A fair society

These research projects support inequalities research based on gender, race, ethnicity (including Indigenous studies), modern slavery, social and economic impact of policy, equity in higher education, governance (including financial, information and corporate), human rights, financial literacy and planning, unheard consumers, inter-cultural research, legal research.

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Research spotlight

Read more about some of the high impact research being undertaken by our academics.