Adult Speech Pathology Clinic

The Adult Speech and Language Clinic is a free service helping adults in the community with speech and language difficulties. It’s operated by speech pathology students under supervision by a qualified speech pathologist.

Range of services

We provide services to:

  • adults 18 years and above who are experiencing speech and language difficulties
  • people who have recently had a stroke and are having communication problems (for example, difficulty finding or saying the right word; difficulty understanding; difficulty being understood by others)
  • people who have speech issues such as difficulties with speech rate, intonation and prosody, or volume.


A dysarthria group and a language group for stroke survivors is run every week.


Download a referral form to secure your appointment.

Meditation Group for People with Aphasia/ Stroke

A Meditation Group for People with Aphasia/Stroke has been run at the Health and Wellness Centre since 2018, led by Dr Britta Biedermann.  The group is mainly run as a community service but has also contributed to valuable research at Curtin. 

The goal for attendees of the group is to find calmness in stressful and overwhelming situations and to find a break in the midst of the daily everyday life and a break from the verbal communication people with aphasia sometimes find challenging.

Other aims of the group include:

The Meditation Group for People with Aphasia/ Stroke meets for 1 hour weekly over the semester, with attendees joining both in-person and online. Times and days are subject to change. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the group, including our current session times, please contact:

Dr Britta Biedermann –

Britta welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in meditation, including speech pathology students and staff. 

Connect with us

Curtin Health and Wellness Centre
Building 404

Tel:  9266 1717

Opening hours and parking

We are open  8 am – 4 pm, Tuesday to Thursday.

Parking is available in areas PF2 and PF3. See reception on arrival for temporary parking permit.