International Student Transfer Procedures

Under Standard 7 of the ESOS National Code 2018, education providers cannot enrol students seeking to transfer from another provider before that student has completed six months of their principal course of study, except in a few circumstances.

What is a principal course?

A principal course is usually the final course of study you will undertake. For example, if you are studying an English Language Bridging course followed by a Bachelor’s programme, the Bachelor degree is your principal course.

If you have not finished six months of your principal course, but want to transfer, you need to submit a request for release from Curtin University. The six months is calculated as six calendar months from the day you begin your principal course.

You do not need to submit a request for release from the University if:

Requesting Release from Curtin University

When requesting release from the University, you must submit the following documents:

  1. A completed Release Letter Request Form.
  2. A written statement detailing the compelling reasons for transferring to an alternate course and education provider explaining how you expect will benefit from the transfer. You can also attach additional document in support of your request.
  3. A copy a valid offer letter from the other institution confirming that you have been offered an unconditional place.
  4. Under 18 students should include additional documents:
    • Written confirmation that your parent or legal guardian supports the transfer; and
    • Confirmation from the new provider that they will provide an accommodation and welfare guarantee, where applicable, without any gaps.

You should email your application to International Release Requests.

Request for Release Outcomes

Students will be notified of the outcome of their request within ten working days of submitting their request. Please note: It is a student visa condition that students maintain their enrolment (visa condition 8202). If you are applying for release after your course has started, you should make sure you remain enrolled while your request is being assessed. If you do not maintain your enrolment, your CoE will be cancelled for that reason. Your release request will be considered separately and may still be refused. Do not risk your student visa by ceasing enrolment.

Successful Outcome

Where the University approves your request to transfer to another education provider:

All released students are also advised to contact the Department of Home Affairs to seek advice on whether they require a new student visa.

Unsuccessful Outcome

Where the University does not approve a request to transfer to another education provider, the student will be informed of the reasons for this decision in writing and reminded that they may freely transfer between institutions after six months of study at Curtin University.

Students can appeal the decision in writing with supporting documentation, within 20 working days of the date of the letter advising them of the outcome. The appeal process will commence within 10 working days of the lodgement of the written appeal. Send all appeals to