Peer Networking for Promotion

Peer Networking for Promotion (PN4P) is a Gender Equity and Inclusion initiative designed to support women and individuals of diverse sex, sexuality and gender (DSSG) at Curtin University who are seeking promotion. PN4P groups, comprised of academics from different Schools, work together to establish targets and support one another throughout the promotion journey.

In 2023, the PN4P Pilot ran in response to requests for mentoring assistance for those seeking academic promotion and was designed as a complement to the Promotion Workshops offered by the Associate Provost. In 2024, the Program officially launched, welcoming newcomers throughout the program duration.

For more information about PN4P, or to register your interest, please contact

Feedback from 2023 PN4P Pilot participants:

“[Peer Networking for Promotion] was great support, no doubt about it! Having written feedback and an example application, CV, etc. from a mentor who had undergone the process already and been successful even though from a different faculty.”

“Lots of useful feedback was provided. There was collegiality and support demonstrated. Having a person outside of my work group read my draft application and give feedback was very helpful.”

Two people wearing business casual and lanyards sitting in a lecture space, holding notepads and pens