Genuine Student Assessments

If you wish to study with Curtin University in Australia, on a student visa, you will need to show us that you are a genuine student, whose primary reason for coming to Australia is to pursue further education.

We will assess your Genuine Student (GS) status by considering the following:

Career goals

Tell us about your educational background, why the Curtin University course interests you, and how will help you achieve your future academic and career goals.

Personal circumstances

Tell us about your family (back home and in Australia), work experience, and financial situation to show you are well-prepared to study and live in Australia.

Immigration history

If you have previously held visas in Australia or other countries, showing that you complied with any conditions of those as visas will strengthen your application.

We collect the information used for the assessments described above through these application documents and processes:

1. Assessment of Genuine Intention Form 2. Financial Capacity Declaration Form 3. Genuine Student Assessment Interview

To get you assessment started, check your Curtin University letter of offer to see which forms you need to complete and see if you need to attend an interview.

Please note: Our assessment process is based on the Department of Home Affairs’ Genuine Student requirements.

Acceptable Supporting Documents

In order to ensure the accuracy and credibility of your claims, you must support them with relevant documentation and evidence. This could include things like transcripts for past studies, official letters outlining your work experience, or financial statements.

Use the Genuine Student Checklist to see what documentation we accept.

Note: If you are from Nepal, please use the Nepal Genuine Student Checklist, as some documents may differ.

Assessment of Genuine Intention Form

This form gives you an opportunity to show us that you are a genuine student, by answering a series of questions about your personal circumstances; academic and career goals and immigration history. You must provide an answer of no more than 150 words for each question and explain with specific examples:

Tips for success

Tell your own unique story

We need to understand your individual background, study goals, and any past visa experiences. We will also be checking to see how your responses match your current English language level.

Honesty is key

We want to understand your journey and goals, so please answer the questions truthfully. This includes letting us know about any unsuccessful visa applications in your past, or challenging academic experiences.

Support your statements

Any claims you make, should be supported with relevant documents and evidence.

Detection of AI-generated text

Just a heads up, we use software to detect AI-generated text, so write in your own voice and let your unique story come through.

The Financial Capacity Declaration Form

Before admitting you to the University, we may need to confirm that you have the financial capacity to cover your expenses in Australia. This includes tuition, living expenses, and travel costs. If you’re bringing family members along for the ride, you’ll also need to show you can support them during their stay.

To meet the Financial Capacity Declaration requirement, you will need to provide the following for assessment:

Examples of relevant documents and evidence

Examples of relevant documents and evidence