The Abilities Collective @ Curtin

Statistics on disability and employment in Australia are sobering. 2.1 million Australians with a disability are of working age but just under half are employed – 47.8% compared with 80.3% employment of people without disability. Yet research demonstrates that hiring people with disability brings many benefits to workplaces, including competitive advantage, improved retention rates and increased productivity.

Person in wheelchair at disability services building

The Collective is committed to Curtin to becoming an employer and university of choice for potential staff and students with disability, neurodivergence or chronic medical conditions. We aim to improve opportunities for people with disability, identify and remove barriers to effective participation in the workplace, promote accessibility, support one another and celebrate our unique perspectives and contributions. Our intention is to build a workplace culture that is inclusive and enabling, and values diversity. The Collective also has a social group, offering opportunities for members to meet up in person or online.

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