Engagement and impact

In the community

From innovative research initiatives to community outreach programs and student engagement events, we actively engage with diverse stakeholders to address real-world challenges.

Financial literacy workshops

Financial literacy is a complex concept as it varies for individual’s distinct financial situation, goals, knowledge, and preferences. Education, income, cultural background, and life experiences influences one’s financial literacy. Understanding personal finance requires a combination of skills such as budgeting, investing, debt management, and planning for financial security/stability for the person’s unique circumstances.

The Faculty of Business and Law’s Financial Literacy project is dedicated to promoting economic inclusion for women in remote, regional, and rural communities. This initiative addresses the unique challenges faced by women in remote areas, including limited access to financial services, employment opportunities, and educational resources.

Carbon Literacy Training

Developed in partnership with the University of Queensland and the Carbon Literacy Project, this strategic initiative is driven by the increasing demand from global campuses and various faculties.

The primary goal of this program is to equip Curtin facilitators across various locations with the necessary training, enabling them to effectively instruct their own students and participate in online facilitation. The comprehensive training covers:

  • The science of climate change
  • Climate-related environ mental, social, and economic equity
  • Solutions for creating a zero-carbon world
  • Individual and organisational actions
  • Impact assessment of different actions
  • Effective communication strategies

The Sustainable Events Guide

In alignment with SDG12 and 13, this new document provides a step-by-step check list to help embed more sustainable business practices. We would like to acknowledge that this was a Students as Partners initiative . These guidelines were inspired by a Tourism Hospitality and Events student assessment completed by Chrisina Jardim, as part of MGMT2003 Sustainable Event Development.

The Faculty of Business and Law has incorporated a student’s assessment into the creation of a Sustainable Events Guide. This guide is designed to help students and staff create sustainable operational events that protect our planet by reducing our carbon footprint and energy usage.

View Sustainable Events Guide

Students as changemakers

The Sustainable Collective

The Sustainable Collective

The Sustainable Collective at Curtin (SCC) is a club open to students from all faculties and at all knowledge levels. Their goal is to foster a sustainable Curtin community, encourage curiosity around sustainability, and promote access to sustainable ways of living both on-campus and in life.