Enrolment Planners

Managing your course

During your time at Curtin it is your responsibility to manage your studies. This includes making sure your enrolment is correct and you register for your classes (if applicable). You must also ensure you are familiar with any other course requirements to ensure your successful progression and completion of your course.

The enrolment planning resources provided here are designed to be used in conjunction with the information provided by Curtin Connect on the Student Essentials webpages. These resources will assist you to determine the recommended order of study for full-time progression through your course. Please note that units are not available every semester, so it is important to review your enrolments to ensure they are correct.

The standard full-time study load for courses delivered in Semesters is 100CP (typically 4 units) per semester.


Please check the Curtin Handbook to ensure you have met the required prerequisites.

Enrolment Planners

Please Note: You will need to download the planners in order for them to work.