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The Learning Futures Capabilities Platform examines and explores issues related to human and organisational learning and teaching.

Learning Futures is focussed on both sharing ‘what we know’ and about expanding the boundaries of ‘what is possible’ in formal and informal education settings. We create spaces where education practitioners, industry, policy makers, parents, caregivers, students, researchers, and teachers can come together to share insights, ideas and innovation. The Learning Futures Capability Platform is seeking to co-construct new educational possibilities for generations to come.

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“Learning Futures in the Humanities examines and responds to the complexities and challenges related to human and organisational learning in changing technological, social and economic contexts. It develops the diversified, multimodal and critical learning capacities that people need to make a difference in our world and communities.”

Professor Darren Bryant, Dean, Learning Futures

Learning Futures Student Research

‘The Effectiveness of Immersive Virtual Reality as a collaborative learning tool to study Chemistry’

Curtin School of Education Higher Degree by Research student, Dewi Ayu Kencana Ungu is exploring the educational affordances of collaborative immersive virtual learning (iVR) for learning chemistry. To investigate the unique benefits of 3D visualisation of iVR, comparisons are made on how students interact to learn chemistry using iVR and other media, such as physical models and desktop simulation.

Immersive virtual reality (iVR) as an advanced 3D visualisation technology can enhance students’ scientific visualisation and engagement in learning. This research takes a closer look at how students use iVR to learn science in collaborative environments.

Understanding students’ interactions inside the virtual environment could help future educators better adapt and design educational iVR applications for science learning.

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