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Selecting courses

Course units

Subjects at Curtin are called units (you may call them courses or modules). Generally, one unit is worth 25 credits. However, some units may be worth 12.5 credits or 50 credits. The minimum enrolment is 75 credits per semester and the maximum is 100 credits per semester. You must have approval from Curtin for each unit you wish to take. Curtin will check that you meet the prerequisites for each unit before your enrolment.

Study areas and selecting units to study

Curtin offers more than 100 courses in applied, practical subjects with a strong emphasis on industry links and international, cultural and Indigenous awareness. You can also get involved in volunteer programs to help you gain skills employers look for.

Selecting units

The Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs at Curtin allow you to choose units from any study area, with restrictions on nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy and physiotherapy, which require you to be undertaking a degree in these fields. Medicine is excluded from the exchange program.

The Curtin course handbook is a tool you use to select units at Curtin. Alternatively, we have provided a list of pre-approved units for you to choose from. Pre-approved units do not require school approval, but please check that you have sufficient background to study them as some may presume prior knowledge.

It is not possible to change your unit selections during the application process, so please ensure you choose carefully.

Before selecting your units:

If you choose units that have pre-requisites your selection will be sent to the faculty for approval.  Enrolment into units are subject to availability and are at the discretion of the faculty.

Undergraduate students are not able to select post-graduate (masters) units.

Undergraduate unit codes are 100-400 (ie MKTG2003 is a 2nd year unit)

Postgraduate unit codes are 500-600 (ie MKTG5006 is a 5th year unit)

It is your responsibility to arrange credit transfer with your home university.

List of pre-approved units

You may select units from the Curtin courses handbook and/or from the range of pre-approved units listed below. Please check that you have sufficient background to study the unit(s) as some may presume prior knowledge. All units are subject to availability.

Changing your units

You may change units during the first week of semester. After the first week, you may withdraw from a class (as long as you maintain at least 75 credits) but you are unable to add a new class.