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Curtin Credentials

Fit learning into your life when you need it. Study one of our globally recognised micro credentials and get your skills formally acknowledged with digital certification.

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Flexible courses to further your professional development

The nature of work is constantly changing. Curtin Credentials are flexible, globally recognised courses that can further your professional development and make you a valuable asset to your workplace.

Our credentials can advance your career, boost your employability and develop your personal abilities. Courses vary in subject and duration, so you can adapt your learning to suit your goals and lifestyle.

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Curtin Credentials are offered under five themes. These themes are aligned with industry values and are applicable to diverse workplaces.

Digital Mindset

Embrace advances in digital technology, explore how it impacts our lives and learn how digital practices can optimise your business.

Future of Work

Thrive and adapt in the changing world of work by developing and broadening your skillset in a range of areas including work design and cognitive flexibility.

Influence and Persuasion

Learn skills and strategies to make effective change in your workplace and become a persuasive thought leader in your career.


Unleash your inner entrepreneur and blend your creativity and problem-solving skills to create valuable new products and services.


Develop positive, sustainable, resilient and inclusive traits to guide your life, career, and organisational directions. Learn what it takes to motivate and inspire in a contemporary business setting.

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Curtin Credentials for organisations

Curtin Credentials for organisations

Curtin Credentials courses are flexible, validated by industry and provide an opportunity for participants to earn credentials from a global university, ranked in the top 1% of the world.

Explore how our tailored solutions can enhance your organisation’s skills and training for today’s dynamic work environment.

How do Curtin Credentials work?

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You can complete standalone credentials, or complete courses within a theme to build your knowledge and skills in a specific area. This flexibility means you can curate your learning to your career goals and abilities.

Credentials are offered online, in person and as a mix of both. They are available at three different levels, varying in complexity – Essentials, Extend and Deep Dive.

These credentials provide you with foundation knowledge in a discipline and don’t require you to have previous experience.

With Extend credentials, you’ll acquire intermediate knowledge and skills in a discipline. These credentials usually require you to have some related prior learning or experience.

Deep Dive
These immersive credentials offer high-level learning in a discipline, and build on your extensive experience in the same or similar area.

Frequently asked questions

Who are they for?

Curtin Credentials are designed for professionals and graduates who recognise that the global workplace is changing, and want to build skills to adapt to these changes.

In today’s economy, employers need people with a suite of technical and transferable skills that can be used to solve a range of challenges.

Curtin Credentials give you the tools you need to succeed in your workplace and instant digital certification of your abilities.

What recognition do they provide?

At the completion of each credential, you’ll earn a digital badge that you can instantly share with your networks and use to showcase your skills to current and future employers.

When you complete 100 points of any combination of credentials, you will be awarded a Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice. This qualification provides globally recognised evidence of your learning and can be a pathway to further postgraduate study.

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