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Guidelines for special consideration

Special consideration is only available to domestic students. If you’re an international student, please view pathways available to you.


An application for special consideration is only for students new to Curtin.

If you are a current student, you are not eligible to apply through this process; for advice and/or academic counselling please liaise with the Student Wellbeing Advisors regarding your current circumstances.

The circumstances may be one-off occurrences or ongoing situations such as but not limited to:

Alternatively, the disadvantage may be a result of being part of an equity group such as:

For some circumstances, Curtin has established entry pathways other than special consideration, such as bridging or enabling courses. In assessing the application for special consideration the panel will advise you if there are other pathways more suitable to obtain University entry.


Whilst each application will be considered on its own merits, the following guidelines will be taken into account.

Application process

The special consideration application process can be found below.

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