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Prestigious scholarships

We offer a comprehensive support network to academically talented students who aspire to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Through mentoring and advice, students are empowered to apply to study at internationally renowned universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard.

Winning a scholarship such as the Rhodes, Fulbright or John Monash is an unequivocal way for students to cement their presence in academia and access resources that will boost their career.

Success in obtaining these scholarships relies on many factors, including building a portfolio of achievements and being able to demonstrate commitment to a cause.

Prestigious scholarships available

Building your portfolio

If you’re considering applying for a prestigious scholarship, developing a solid portfolio of achievements during your undergraduate studies is important.

Luckily, we offer many opportunities for students to engage in activities and build their leadership and community service portfolio.

Leadership development

Curtin provides a range of leadership development opportunities aimed at enhancing valuable skills, employability, and engagement in university life and the community. These opportunities include introductory programs to get you started and intensive real-world experiences, catering to individuals at any stage of their leadership journey.

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Explore a variety of mentoring programs to connect, grow, and support others. From navigating university life to industry insights, there are opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate, and high school students. Apply now to become a mentor or find out more.

Student Ambassador

Join the Student Ambassador program to develop personal and professional skills, participate in marketing events, and network with fellow students, while gaining recognition and improving employability. Apply now for the upcoming intake.


Curtin Volunteers! offers diverse volunteering opportunities that enhance student experiences and benefit the community. From community development to education, environment, health, and more, there’s something for everyone to get involved in.