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See both sides, stand for one.

Join the next generation of lawyers and make your stand with Curtin’s Bachelor of Laws.

Why choose law at Curtin?

Competitive salary

A barrister’s median full-time weekly earnings are $2,734, which is 58% more than the overall average weekly earnings.

Industry snapshot

The legal services industry in Australia generates $29.6 billion revenue annually, expected to reach $33.4 billion by 2027-28.

Curtin grads rated #1

Curtin Graduates have been rated the best in the country for employer satisfaction, showing they have the skills and qualifications employers value, want and need.

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With access to dedicated learning spaces at Curtin’s main campus in Bentley and in the heart of Perth city, study abroad opportunities, and the chance to gain your degree in three years instead of four, Curtin truly offers a law degree with a difference.

Discover our Bachelor of Laws (LLB) today

A law degree with a difference

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Complete a 4-year law degree in 3 years

After your first year, you will study in trimesters rather than semesters. This means you could start your career sooner and graduate in just three years instead of the usual four years at other universities.

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Practice makes perfect: Hands-on learning

You’ll have opportunities to participate in simulated court proceedings at the Jeanette Hacket Moot Court at our Perth city law school.

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Work on real-world cases

The John Curtin Law Clinic will give you the opportunity to put your legal skills into practice working with eligible individuals, small businesses, start-ups, social enterprises, and not-for-profits.

Study in Europe

Study in Europe

Get the most out of your law degree by studying abroad through the  Ghent Summer Law Program in Belgium. This one-month program will boost your professional credentials and give you an unforgettable cultural experience.

Curtin Law School and CGSB on Murray Street

Study in the heart of Perth city

The Curtin Law School city campus is the only university law school based in the Perth CBD, allowing you to study in close proximity to the main courts and leverage our industry connections.

Customise your law experience 

Shape your law degree to your interests

In addition to your core units, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor your study to suit your interests.

With more than 25 optional units to choose from, you could dive into topics such as forensic advocacy, family law, human rights law, property law, native title law and policy, or even environmental law.

Our graduates have found work in various areas including in criminal law, child protection law and capital projects.

Explore the options

Expand your career options with a double degree

Do you want to expand your career prospects, or pursue a highly specialised career, such as a psychologist within the criminal and justice systems?

A double degree develops skills across law and another learning area, giving you more career choices. You’ll study units from both courses, but the condensed program structure means it may take only a year or two longer than a single degree.

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Whether you aspire to connect with community, work in government to make positive change, or even explore the ever-changing world of global commerce and law, our business and law degrees can set you on your path to making a difference.

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Advice article

How to actually become a lawyer in Western Australia

If you’re curious about a career in law but uncertain how exactly to get there, here’s a step-by-step guide to help illuminate your path towards a successful legal career.

Which side would you stand for?

The most effective lawyers can anticipate the questions of judges and jurors, and make effective rebuttals against their opponents.

With our Bachelor of Laws, you’ll shape the future of law, by learning how to see both sides of a debate and present an effective argument for your side.

Where do you stand with the following debates?

Memes are an infringement of copyright vs. Memes are parodies and exist in their own right

Memes often start out as creative works protected by copyright before being remixed and shared without the creator’s consent. But isn’t everything a remix?

Companies are accountable for their impact on climate change vs. Companies are only responsible for increasing shareholder wealth

Corporations play a huge role in driving climate change, but where should the accountability lie?

Digital collage of memes Digitial collage of a skyscraper and a ball of fire

Hear what our students have to say

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“I chose my Curtin degree because it offered a pathway to legal practice that was 18 months shorter than other institutions. Two semesters in, it feels like the right choice. I also found my degree unlocks a lot of doors, because law graduates can go on to work in many areas outside a law practice.”

Zack de Ruyter, Law and Commerce double degree

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“My course has been preparing me for my chosen career paths since day one, through the units I’m studying and through Curtin’s committees, including the Curtin Law Society. Curtin also does an incredible job of partnering with industry and firms to connect their students with employers and empower graduates to step into their dream jobs.”

Giovanna Bongiorno, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

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“My own experience with the family court inspired me to help fight for a worthy cause. With my double degree, I plan to enter into criminal or family law after I graduate so that I can make a positive change through my work.”

Tamara Molan, Law and Psychology double degree

Excellence Scholarship details

Excellence Scholarship details

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