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Alternative options and support

Living on campus enhances your university experience, which is why we encourage you to explore our on-campus accommodation options first.

If our on-campus accommodation is full or doesn’t suit your circumstances, there are other options such as renting, house sharing and homestays.

Demand for Perth housing is high. We strongly encourage you to organise your accommodation as soon as possible, and ideally before you arrive in Perth. 

Search for off-campus accommodation

Cost of Living

Weekly budgeting for your accommodation and living costs will vary, depending on your accommodation needs, personal tastes and whether you also have a partner or family living with you. 

Before you arrive in Perth, you should do some research into the cost of living, and plan a budget which suits your preferences and needs. Take into consideration the cost of accommodation plus food, transport, services and utilities, while also thinking about your lifestyle (including entertainment and other activities) that you want to maintain. 

Refer to Curtin’s budget planning information. StudyPerth also have a cost of living calculator resource on their website.

Accommodation support 

Accommodation Coaches 

Curtin’s Accommodation Coaches are available online to help you with your search for off-campus accommodation. Our Accommodation Coaches can:

• explain the different types of accommodation available
• provide information on reputable accommodation websites and search platforms
• let you know about special hotel offers or other short-term accommodation options
• link you to support and community legal services if you need tenancy advice.

Please note: Accommodation Coaches are unable to book accommodation on your behalf. 

If you have a question and need support, our Accommodation Coaches are available. If you have a student ID, please submit a questions through our enquiry form.

If you haven’t received a Curtin Student ID, you can still contact Curtin Connect via our general enquiry form. You can also call Curtin Connect on 1300 222 888

Please note, due to the high number of enquiries, telephone enquiries may be referred to the webform.  

StudyPerth (international students) 

For international students, Curtin works closely with StudyPerth, who can support your move to Western Australia. Visit their accommodation pages for more information on the options available and join their Facebook group to talk to other international students also looking for accommodation.  

Once you are in Perth, you can visit their Student Hub in the city centre. Or call +61 8 6244 1640 or visit for more information. 

Scholarships and finance 

Scholarships are available for eligible commencing and current Curtin students.  

Equity scholarships are often available to support students who are experiencing financial hardship, come from a disadvantaged background and/or identify as being in an equity group.  

Curtin Emergency Student Loans of up to $2,000 are also potentially available to students who have experienced sudden and unforeseen circumstances that temporarily infringe on their capability to continue their studies at Curtin. 

Please call 1300 222 88 or email

Counselling and wellbeing advice  

Looking for accommodation or moving to a new city can be challenging. Support is always available through our counselling and wellbeing services. Contact our Student Wellbeing Team on 1800 244 043 or +61 8 9266 2662, or email To access counselling services directly, contact +61 8 9266 7850 or visit Building 109, Level 2 on campus. 

You can also get help and advice through Student Assist, a free, confidential support and advocacy service run by the Student Guild – which is independent from the university.

Becoming part of the community will also help you settle into life in Perth and make new connections. You could join a Guild club or society, or connect with a community group or association that suits your interests

The information on this page is a guide only. Curtin University does not recommend or endorse a particular real estate agent or accommodation provider. The websites and accommodation providers included on this page are not exhaustive but can provide you with a good starting point.