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Alternative options and support

Living on campus enhances your university experience, which is why we encourage you to explore our on-campus accommodation options first. If on-campus living doesn’t suit your circumstances, there are other options such as renting, house sharing and homestays.

The information on this page is a guide only. Curtin University does not recommend or endorse a particular real estate agent or accommodation provider. The websites and accommodation providers included on this page are not exhaustive but can provide you with a good starting point.  

Nearby Curtin suburbs  

When using the search function on real estate websites, try searching for accommodation in the following suburbs, which are close to Curtin Perth in Bentley:

  • Belmont (6104) 
  • Cannington (6107) 
  • Carlisle (6102) 
  • Como (6152) 
  • East Victoria Park (6101) 
  • Lathlain (6100) 
  • St James (6102) 
  • Victoria Park (6100) 
  • Waterford (6152)  
  • Wilson (6107)