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Mature-aged students outside Curtin Business School


Drawing on the expertise of world class thought leaders in the field, we offer a number of Masterclasses in a broad range of topics to help professionals up-skill and stay abreast of the latest trends.

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Crisis leadership

28 & 29 MAY 2024
This two-day masterclass will allow participants to explore the tools, actions and leadership strategies to respond to the situation at hand. The workshop will focus on understanding the risks inherent in a crisis event, and the importance of proactive preparedness.

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Giving voice to values

11 & 12 JUNE 2024
This two-day masterclass will provide you with a practical, immediately actionable ‘Giving Voice to Values’ framework for responding to and dealing with ethically challenging situations in the workplace.

Diverse and inclusive team

Leading for diversity and inclusion

18 & 19 JUNE 2024
This two-day masterclass will provide participants with knowledge, skills, and tools to manage an increasingly diverse workforce more effectively.

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Reputation management in organisations

16 & 17 JULY 2024
Effective reputation management ensures active listening, clear communication and the building of good relationships with all relevant stakeholders, with the aim to futureproof against potential challenges, issues or crises.

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Understanding and solving complex business problem

23 JULY 2024
This masterclass will provide evidence-based approaches to clearly identify the problem at hand and help participants apply effective decision making in VUCA environments.

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Scenario planning and strategic conversations

12 – 16 AUGUST 2024
This five-day masterclass will provide participants with hands-on application of the scenario planning process. This planning process is tried and tested in a wide range of organisations and is delivered by renowned Professor George Burt.

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Understanding the psychology of employees

20 & 21 AUGUST 2024
This program is appropriate for anyone interested in understanding human dynamics deeper as well and his/her own drivers and unconscious drivers this seminar is particularly useful in times of change and transformation.

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Carbon accounting, reporting and measurement

Designed for professionals seeking comprehensive knowledge in sustainability and environmental management, this masterclass offers a deep dive into the methodologies, tools, and best practices essential for understanding and managing carbon footprints effectively.

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Project management masterclass series

The Project Management Masterclass Series comprises five one-day masterclasses into one program. It will expand your knowledge and skills in project management, so you can take the next step in your career.

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Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

17 OCTOBER 2024
Taking a better practice approach informed by recent scandals and the field of AI Ethics, this one-day master class will support participants through the process of creating a guidance toolkit and operational checklist for future projects that is customised to their own organisation, operations, and context.

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Critical thinking for decision-making

19 NOVEMBER 2024
This program will introduce and equip participants with the ability to recognise and avoid common errors in thinking, and improve participants thinking in ways that deal with uncertainty.

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Corporate innovation for business leaders

12 & 13 NOVEMBER 2024
This two-day masterclass will provide participants with an opportunity to understand the basics of corporate innovation and take a confident first step toward introducing corporate innovation best practices into their organizations.

Fremantle Football team in the stadium

Game changing leadership

21 & 22 NOVEMBER 2024
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow your strategic leadership skills and learn from high profile leaders and coaches at the Fremantle Football Club while examining leadership and strategy from the inner sanctum of a professional sporting organisation.

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Design thinking for the modern leader

26 NOVEMBER 2024
Design thinking is a powerful creative methodology that uses empathy to uncover deep customer insights and develop innovative solutions. This program that will provide you with an appreciation and understanding of the key elements of the design thinking process.

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Leading psychological resilience in the workplace

Psychological Resilience is attracting increasing attention in workplace discussions and is valued as an important employee attribute.

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Emotional intelligence for leaders

10 December 2024
This one-day masterclass will provide participants with their own EI 360 assessment as a way of benchmarking their current level of EI skills and areas for development.

Previous programs

The following programs have been run in the past, and are open to expressions of interest for future sessions. Please contact the Executive Education team if you are interested in any of the programs we have to offer.