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Early offers for 2025

Find out how to reserve your spot at Curtin University.

Applications for semester 1, 2025 will open on 1 May via the TISC website.

Peace of mind with an early offer

Are you a year 12 student considering university in 2025?

Your final year of high school can be stressful, but an early offer is peace of mind that you’ve reserved your spot at Curtin once you’ve met the admission criteria for your course. That way, you can focus on on your grades, knowing you’re already one step ahead on the journey to your dream career.

This year, early offers will be sent out from Monday 2 September 2024.

What is an early offer?

An early offer is a conditional offer, based on your likelihood of meeting the admission criteria for your desired course (as per your first preference on TISC).

TISC will use your year 11 ATAR results to generate a predicted final ATAR score for early offer purposes. If your school offers a predicted ATAR calculator, please know that it may not accurately reflect the score calculated by TISC.

If conditions are not met by the main offer round, the early offer will no longer be valid.

Am I eligible for an early offer?

You may be eligible for an early offer if you meet the below requirements.

First preference on TISC

An early offer will only be provided for an eligible course if it is your first preference on TISC. Early offers are not sent for preferences 2-6.

Admission criteria

You will need to meet the predicted ATAR score and any subject pre-requisites that are required by your intended course.

English competency

You will need to demonstrate an ability to meet English competency requirements, through ATAR level English/Literature, an A in General English, or an accepted English test.

Will I receive an early offer?

Even if you are on track to meet all requirements at the end of the year, you may not receive an early offer.

This is because only a limited number of early offers go out each round, for each eligible course.

If you don’t receive an early offer, don’t stress! Your final year 12 ATAR grades are what’s most important. Just focus on your studies, ensure you meet all course requirements, and wait for a main round (21 December 2024) or second round (18 January 2025) offer.

What type of early offer might I receive?

There are a few different types of early offers you might receive based on your predicted final ATAR.

Female student
My predicted ATAR is five or more points above my course ATAR

You will still need to demonstrate English competency and meet any subject requirements, however your offer won’t be dependent on your final year 12 ATAR score.

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My predicted ATAR is less than five points above my course ATAR

Your final year 12 ATAR score needs to meet or exceed the ATAR required by your course. You’ll also need to achieve WACE, demonstrate English competency and meet any subject requirements for the course.

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I’ve applied for a non-ATAR entry pathway

If you’ve applied via a non-ATAR pathway (eg: Certificate IV, portfolio entry, UniReady in Schools), your early offer will list the specific conditions you are required to meet to receive an official offer (subject requirements, English competency, minimum scores, etc).

What if I don’t meet the conditions on my early offer?

If you don’t meet the conditions listed on your early offer by the main offer round, it will no longer be valid.

Your TISC course preferences will be assessed during the main offer round (December 2024), and you may be offered a lower preference, subject to meeting admission criteria and course availability. If you do not accept a main round offer, your TISC preferences will be reassessed during the second offer round (Jan 2025), based on your updated preferences or if your ability to meet course requirements has changed between offer rounds.

If you don’t meet the admission requirements for your course, we’re happy to help you explore your options and discuss alternative pathways.

How do I demonstrate English competency?

English competency is a requirement to ensure that you have the appropriate academic skills to succeed at tertiary level studies. It is a condition on all early offers.

This is most commonly met with a scaled pass mark of 50 and above in year 12 English/Literature ATAR, but can also be met with an A grade in General English or using the STAT test if you are entering via a Certificate IV pathway. UniReady in Schools students can complete both the Fundamentals of Academic Writing and the Foundations of Communication units to meet entry level English competency. Students applying for portfolio entry can use a grade B in general (non-ATAR) English to meet portfolio entry requirements.

If your final scaled ATAR score for English/Literature is under 50, you can book in to complete the STAT test in either January or February.

See our English requirements

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What if I change my TISC preferences?

If you receive an early offer, this course must remain as your first preference on TISC to remain valid.

You are welcome to change your preferences between early offer rounds, however your new first preference will need to be reassessed for an early offer, and your previous early offer will no longer be valid.

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Of WA’s public universities, Curtin has the highest rate of graduates finding full-time employment.

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95 per cent of our assessed research is rated at or above word standard.

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How to apply?

Year 12 students apply for their course/s of choice by registering an account on TISC and listing their courses in order of preference (first preference being the highest).

There is no separate process needed to apply/opt in to receive an early offer.

If you are not a year 12 student, you can apply for your course directly through our website. Search our courses here.

  1. Choose your course

    Search our courses and find the one that’s right for you – or maybe a few that you might be interested in.

  2. Check the admission criteria

    Check that you’re on track to meet the admission criteria for your preferred course/s. You can find this on the specific course page.

    If you’re not studying ATAR subjects, there are plenty of alternative pathways into Curtin. Use the Pathways Finder to find out more.

  3. Apply via TISC

    Applying for a course is easy:

    • Visit the TISC website and register a new account. Registrations open 1 May, 2024.
    • Select your chosen Curtin course as your first preference
    • Your eligibility will be assessed using a predicted ATAR calculated by TISC
    • If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may receive an early offer from Monday 2 September 2024. This is due to an agreement in place with all WA universities.

    Don’t worry if you have a change of heart, you’ll have the flexibility to change your TISC preferences at any point throughout the year: just remember that only your first preference will be assessed for an early offer.

Frequently asked questions

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