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Social sciences

Right now, the world needs humanity to bridge social divides and influence global relations. Are you ready to drive positive change that strengthens our society?

Undergraduate Social Sciences

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Laura Garcia, Bachelor of Arts (International Relations)

“It’s never too late to start uni. It was a journey of discovery for myself – it’s changed my life and my outlook of the world and what I’m capable of doing. As a migrant, I felt Curtin was the bridge to truly being part of the Australian community and feeling an active part of it.

Having migrated from Spain, I’ve always been attracted to other languages and cultures. Doing international relations at Curtin, that was exactly what I got. I was exposed to various areas, like anthropology, history, and security and terrorism, which gave me a good toolkit to work in international development with the United Nations (an internship with the UN in Timor-Leste) later on in intelligence (an internship with the Australian Federal Police), and now in international policy. These work experiences were key and the international experience was crucial to developing a good understanding of the world and how institutions work.”

The Future of Anti-vaxxers, Incels and QAnon

The last few years have seen dramatic growth in the popularity of these extremist groups. How will they affect our society in the future?

In this episode, hear from Doctors Ben Rich and Eva Bujalka, Co-directors of the Curtin Extremism Research Network (CERN).  Together, they explain how these three different groups share some commonalities, as they are emblematic of growth in social media use, salad bar ideologies and red pill philosophy. 

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