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Inherent requirements

Curtin welcomes and strongly supports all students in their pursuit of higher education. Our inherent requirements are necessary for successful completion of a course or component, and are inherent to the achievement and demonstration of its learning outcomes.

Enabling access for students

Curtin embraces diversity and is committed to enabling students with the access and ability to participate in further education by eliminating unlawful discrimination and providing reasonable adjustments where needed.

Make an informed decision

Curtin is committed to ensuring that prospective and current students are advised of any inherent requirements before undertaking a course or component of a course, to assist them in making an informed decision about whether a particular course is suitable for them.

Courses with inherent requirements

We are currently working to identify inherent requirements for all Curtin University courses so you can make more informed choices. Please note that not all Curtin courses have inherent requirements.

Learn more about the following courses’ inherent requirements:

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Health Sciences

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For further information

If your course does not have published inherent requirements, contact Curtin Connect or the study area.


How to read the inherent requirement statements

How to read the inherent requirement statements