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Postgraduate health

Help change lives for the better – including your own

A Curtin postgraduate degree in health will empower you to have greater impact in a health career.

You’ll gain the expertise, leadership skills and insights to inspire your peers, improve organisational processes and change lives for the better.

Why study postgrad health?

Take a step at a time

We’ve created our postgrad courses so that you can build your qualifications progressively if you choose. You can complete a graduate certificate in just six months, then obtain full credits to study a graduate diploma, and then progress to your masters degree.

Be flexible with your study

Because most postgrad students must balance work commitments, and perhaps family life, we’ve designed our courses so that you can study fully online at the times that suit you.

Build superior connections

Our health lecturers and researchers collaborate with government and non-government organisations within and outside of health, providing students with valuable industry insights, engagement and placement opportunities.

Move your career with a postgrad degree in health

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The Australian health sector needs more leaders with top knowledge and insights. To help advance the country’s health system, there is a focus on areas such as public health, health administration and digital health.

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Big data and digital health

Our Big Data and Digital Health course will suit all health professionals and final-year students, and graduates from cross-disciplinary areas – such as science, technology and business – who are keen to capitalise on the growth in careers in health analytics.

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Public health

Our Public Health courses are designed for medical, nursing and allied health professionals, as well as those in relevant cross-disciplinary areas such as social sciences, education, communications, business and management.

Government subsidies are available. Conditions apply.

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Health administration

Our Health Administration courses are designed for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied health practitioners who wish to gain the management skills for leadership and governance roles.

Hear from our graduates

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Some of the real benefits I found from doing my degrees at Curtin was how applicable they were to my daily work, and how they prepared me for future roles, both in public health and in medical administration.

The advice I would provide to my younger self would be to seize opportunities as they arise, particularly if they’re outside my comfort zone.

I’m very grateful to Curtin University for preparing me so well to do the job I do today.

Dr Andy Robertson, Chief Health Officer, WA Department of Health

Curtin alumni David Lim

If you want to improve health system processes and patient outcomes, this is definitely the course for you. I enjoyed learning about how different health systems work in different countries from a systems perspective and understanding how different users of the health system interact with each other. I’ve also been provided with networking and work placement opportunities because of Curtin’s strong ties to health organisations.

David Lim, Master of Health Administration

Curtin alumna Elizabeth Connor

I found that my public health knowledge strengthened significantly throughout my studies, particularly in relation to research skills and understandings of public health policy, politics, social determinants and program development, implementation and evaluation. These learnings are currently helping to bring a public health lens to the work I’m doing in the non-government mental health field.

Elizabeth Connor, Master of Public Health

Dr Kumar Deep, Curtin alumni

The course taught me a range of conceptual knowledge and practical skills to support public health action across educational, organisational, socio-economic, environmental and political domains, including in health monitoring, disease prevention and health promotion. I have employed these skills in my role as Regional Manager and Head of Department – Public Health for the WA Country Health Service.

Dr Kumar Deep, Master of Public Health

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Advice article

What does a health data analyst do?

In healthcare, the increasing use of technology has added to this pool of ‘big data’. This includes telehealth, electronic patient records, electronic referrals and prescriptions. This is where health data analysts come in!

Public Health Careers in Australia
Advice article

Public Health Careers in Australia

If you’re a health professional looking to specialise or change your career path, learn more about the important role public health plays in protecting our communities, the diverse jobs available, and what you can expect to earn.

How we’re making a difference

From joining forces with the WA Country Health Service to transform regional healthcare delivery to utilising big data to detect early signs of kidney disease, our academics are making a difference to help change lives for the better.

98% of TikTok videos promote vaping, putting teens at risk: study Weight bias among healthcare students could impact future care Dr Blake Lawrence Gloved scientist using lab equipment
Close up of a man's mouth exhaling a plume of smoke as he vapes Doctor's gloved hands feeling a patient's stomach Australians with obesity unfairly blamed amid ‘lazy’ stigma Lab technician in a lab with equipment

98% of TikTok videos promote vaping, putting teens at risk: study

New Curtin University research has found TikTok’s policies on the promotion of vaping are frequently violated, putting the social media platform’s predominantly young users at potential risk of e-cigarette exposure and use.

Read the full article on the promotion of vaping

Weight bias among healthcare students could impact future care

New Curtin University-led research has found Australian healthcare students often hold negative attitudes and beliefs towards people living with obesity, which could lead to poor clinical care outcomes.

Learn more about weight bias among healthcare students

Australians with obesity unfairly blamed amid ‘lazy’ stigma

Simplistic stereotypes of Australians living with obesity blame the individual and fail to consider the complex causes, according to a blueprint that seeks to overhaul the way the nation deals with obesity.

Learn more about weight stigma is Australia

Curtin study aims to identify the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in WA

New Curtin University-led research has found a way to identify Western Australian communities that are at high risk of chronic kidney disease by using data linkage technology to help prevent deaths.

Learn more about the chronic kidney disease study


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Dr Kim Betts

Dr Marshall Makate

Dr Gemma Crawford

Dr Jonathan Hallett

Dr Judith Daire

Big data and digital health

Public health

Health administration

Government subsidies

Dr Kim Betts

Dr Marshall Makate

Dr Gemma Crawford

Dr Jonathan Hallett

Dr Judith Daire

Big data and digital health

Public health

Health administration

Government subsidies