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Applying for a scholarship

Applying for scholarships can be daunting, but by following these steps*, you’ll be well on your way to funding your studies and achieving your academic goals.

  1. Preparing your application
  2. Preparing your supporting documents
  3. Submitting your application
  4. Application assessment
  5. Outcomes and accepting your scholarship offer
  6. Key dates

Preparing your application

Preparing your supporting documents

Submitting your application

Application assessment

Outcomes and accepting your scholarship offer

*Please note that while this information provides general scholarship guidelines, application requirements may vary for specific scholarships, so be sure to check the application guidelines for each individual scholarship.

Key dates

Use the scholarship search tool to find the specific dates of the scholarship you’re interested in. Explore the detailed information in the scholarship listings for more details.

For a quick overview, refer to the following general dates for when applications open, or close, interviews conducted, and offers made.