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As an international student, when do I need to accept my offer?

UPDATED 23 NOV 2023 | 8:16AM
There are 3 different categories of acceptance due dates:
  • For countries listed here (Country List), acceptance due date is 7 weeks before course start date, as stated on your Offer Letter. If you have a GTE Finance or GTE Interview condition on your offer, you must submit the GTE documentation 2 weeks before the acceptance closing date.
  • For all other countries which are not listed in the list, the acceptance due date is 3 weeks before the course start date.
  • If you are currently in Australia on a valid visa, the acceptance closing date is 1 week before the course start date.
Curtin has a duty of care to ensure all international students have sufficient time to have their student visa issued and to arrive in Perth in time for the Orientation Week and the start of classes. The timeframes stipulated above allows Curtin to process your completed documents and for the Department of Home Affairs to issue your student visa in time. For more information on visa processing times, please refer to the Visa Processing Times on the Department of Home Affairs website.
For international application deadlines, please refer to: Key dates and university application deadlines | Curtin University

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