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Does Curtin offer online courses?

UPDATED 01 DEC 2023 | 4:48AM

Yes. A number of courses at Curtin University are available to be studied either partially or fully online.

Fully online courses Visit the Curtin Online website for more information on Curtin's online undergraduate and postgraduate course options.

Some Curtin courses may be available to study through Open Universities Australia (OUA). If you study a Curtin course through OUA, you will gain the same degree from Curtin University. However, OUA has up to four study periods per year while Curtin has two semesters per year. Partially online courses Whilst some courses may not be available fully online, there are some components that can be accessed online. We recommend visiting the Curtin Handbook where you can view the units you will study within a course and their available study modes (e.g. online, partially online, internally).

Units classified as "Fully Online" may still require students to sit an exam on either the Curtin Perth campus, at a recognised examination centre or at another approved regional/rural location. View the External Examinations webpage for further information. Other online options: MOOCs MicroMasters® and Curtin Credentials Curtin also offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that allow students to complete short courses on a variety of topics online for free. This is a great way to find out if you enjoy a particular area of study before beginning a full degree. Additionally, Curtin's MicroMasters® programs are graduate-level university courses designed to advance your career. Successful completion of a MicroMasters® credential at the appropriate level allows learners to apply for credit towards the completion of a Masters degree. 

Curtin Credentials are flexible courses to further your professional development. These can advance your career, boost your employability and develop your personal abilities. You can complete standalone credentials, or complete courses within a theme to build your knowledge and skills in a specific area. This flexibility means you can curate your learning to your career goals and abilities.

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