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How do I enrol into units?

UPDATED 29 MAY 2024 | 5:45AM

If you are studying via Open Universities Australia (OUA), your enrolment is managed through your OUA Student Hub

If you are studying via Curtin University directly, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to OASIS
  2. Click on eStudent on the Welcome page.
  3. Click on the My Enrolment tab.
  4. Click on Enrol in Units in the left hand menu and Select the course you are admitted into.
  5. You may be required to agree to the to view your study plan for the selected course.
  6. Your study plan should now display. Some courses (i.e. Bachelor of Commerce) will require selection of a major, specialisation or stream before enrolling into individual units. View the for assistance. You might need to choose your elective/option units to add them into your study plan as well. View the  or  instructions for assistance if applicable.
  7. Only units highlighted in blue are available for enrolment. If a unit is not highlighted, click Unavailable? under the unit name to view the unit availability and  
  8. Tick the checkbox on the right hand side under the Enrol? column to select a unit. If a unit is offered in multiple study periods, you will need to select the relevant study period from the drop down menu under the unit name.
  9. After making your unit selections, click Proceed to Enrol
  10. The confirmation page will display your selections. Ensure the units and study periods are correct and then click Enrol
Not sure what units you should enrol into? Refer to the Courses Handbook or contact Curtin Connect for assistance. 
Our video can also help guide you through the process: 

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