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Safety Data Sheets

The Chemical Management Plan provides information and details Curtin’s requirements for Safety Data Sheets in a dedicated section. The following guide has been provided for the convenience of Curtin’s workers and supports the information contained within the Plan.

How to read a Safety Data Sheet

While a chemical’s label may identify the hazards associated with that chemical, the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) will provide more detailed health and safety information. An SDS is a document prepared by the manufacturer of the product to provide information to the end-user.

All chemicals used at Curtin must have an Australian compliant SDS. A compliant SDS will display the following features:

  • The manufacturer or supplier’s Australian address
  • Organised into 16 standard headings
  • Classification of the chemical against Australian Regulations

If the SDS of the chemical you are using does not meet the above three conditions seek an updated copy from the supplier. If assistance is required email and include a copy of the SDS.
A charge will apply for our provider to convert an overseas SDS to the Australian compliant format, and to confirm application of the various Federal and State regulations to the chemical.

What information is contained in an SDS?

Each of the SDS’s 16 Sections will include details pertinent to your work, these sections are summarised and explained below.