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Purchasing and Procurement

Please contact the Radiation Safety Officer if you are planning to acquire, move, or dispose of radiation equipment.


Procurement, use, and disposal of radiation producing goods are regulated by the Radiation Safety Act 1975. The Act is administered by a statutory body named the Radiological Council. These goods are regulated:

  • high powered lasers (class 3B and 4)
  • x-ray and neutron generators
  • radioactive sources
  • ultraviolet light sources (e.g. transilluminators)
  • radio-frequency sources (excluding microwave ovens).

Curtin’s registration under the Radiation Safety Act requires that the Radiological Council be notified of any changes concerning these goods such as acquisition, modification, disposal, or shifting.

Regulation of radiation producing goods is like the system used for cars. If you have one:

  • it needs to be registered
  • you need a licence to drive it.

Obtaining a licence involves:

  • attendance at an approved radiation safety course
  • application for a licence (including payment of the fee)
  • waiting for the licence to be granted.

A radiation producing good cannot be used until:

  • it is registered with the Radiological Council
  • approval for its use is obtained from the Council
  • a Curtin radiation project application covering the device is submitted and approved.

These things can take some time to happen. It is therefore a good idea to start making the necessary submissions well in advance of planned use.