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Psychosocial Risk Management

If you feel unsafe or have a personal safety concern please contact the Safer Community Team immediately on 9266 4444
If you have any queries relating to psychosocial reporting, please contact Health and Safety on 9266 4900 or email

Psychosocial hazards

Psychosocial hazards at work are aspects of work and work situations that can lead to
psychological or physical harm.

These stem from:
• The way the tasks or job are designed, organised, managed and supervised.
• Tasks or jobs where there are inherent psychosocial hazards and risks.
• The equipment, working environment or requirements to undertake duties in physically hazardous environments.

Reporting psychosocial incidents

In the first instance, discuss any immediate concerns with your line manager, or if not possible contact the Health and Safety team.

All psychosocial incidents are to be reported in the CHARM system using the psychosocial form. Psychosocial reports will remain confidential.

Managing psychosocial hazards

The key to the successful management of hazards and risks is leadership commitment and supportive, capable management and supervision, as well as clear and accessible policies and procedures, and training and education. Communication and consultation with workers and other stakeholders are important at all stages.


For more information about psychosocial hazards access the following resources: