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Storage of Chemicals

The following requirements apply to the storage of chemicals:

  • Do not store chemicals in alphabetical order, segregate as required by the chemical’s classification.
  • Store heavy containers or packages of chemicals between knee and shoulder height;
  • Protect chemical containers from falling (e.g. the use of a barrier or a lip on shelving);

Please refer to the Chemical Management Plan under the Storage section for further information and Curtin’s requirements on the following topics:

  • Correct storage and handling (including decanting) of chemicals
  • Segregation and incompatibilities can be achieved by firstly following the specific storage requirements detailed on the Safety Data sheet.
  • Maximum storage quantities in laboratories, refrigerators, freezers and bulk stores.


Chemicals can react with each other to cause fire or the release of toxic gases. As a result, it is essential that incompatible substances are appropriately segregated. Refer to the Chemical Management Plan under the Storage section.